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What?!?!?!  You’re not subscribed yet???? Unbelievable.


Thanks so much for reading and engaging with me on my blog! So happy you made it here. If you subscribed to my list prior to March 2015 when I was still on Blogger, thank you for coming back and “renewing” your subscription on this new WordPress site.

Joining my subscriber list will give you my latest Even If Nobody Reads This posts straight to your inbox, about 2-4 times a week. Just my musings, from me to you, nothing spammy, and only pieces that I have writtten and edited myself. I actually have drafts and old posts that are not currently on the site, but after I tweak and release them, only my email subscribers are immediately privy to their completion.  I am also working on a few curated IRL (in real life) workshops/ events this year that will be open to readers, and being on this list will give you the heads up before anyone else. Don’t you love being an insider?

I promise never to share your information with another site, brand, blog, store, etc.  It isn’t my style to do things that way.

Thanks for trusting me with your time and contact info! I know it’s going to be worth your while!

Most sincerely,


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