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Lately … 11.19.14

Lately I’ve been … Looking into this {Ambiance Pocket Mirror} Writing to friends in these {Little Arrow Cards} Thinking about when and where to wear these {Freshwater Pearls} Having one too many of those {My Dad’s Cookies Gluten Free} And not enough bites of that {Organic Pink Lady Apple} Reading a number of those {Remedy Quarterly} Admiring this {Spoke Art Gallery }  Mendl’s window display by artists, Jill Bencsits and Dominic Guidote What have you been up to lately? All photos taken by bp

Lately … 10.28.14

Lately I’ve been … Sporting that print (vintage Christian Dior from mom)  Knocking around in these brown boots (Rag & Bone Classic Newbury)  Spending time in this home (family comes first)  Looking up at that sky (fall scenery care of New England by way of Mother Nature)  Living out of this bag (Longchamps Le Pliage)  Coveting that hair (girl I met while shopping)  Lately my blog has been quiet, but it is only signalling that I, along with the seasons, have been needing a shift.  Noticing the beauty in the leaves I have to shed is a practice in patience, gratefulness, and humility.   I have always been a fan of fall.  Aren’t you? 

Lately … 10.07.14

Lately I’ve been …        Having days like this {Treats}         … Followed by nights like that  {Gin}           Cozying up in these {Socks}           Ordering more books by him {Todd Parr}            Managing neck and shoulder pain with those {Patch; Roller}           Smelling fresh and clean with this {Baby Cologne}                All photos by bp.                        

Lately … 09.30.14

  Lately I’ve been …         Loyally scrubbing (12 years running) with this {Daily Microfoliant} Newly devoted to that {Neck Cream} Freshening up with these {Face & Hand Cleansing Wipes} Comparing those {3LAB Cleansing Foam} { Fresh Face Cleanser}   Neglecting to easily line my eyes with this {Pencil} Itching to soothe with that {calming serum}               All photos by bp      

Lately … 09.16.14

    Lately I’ve been … Listening and talking through these {Happy Plugs} Writing with this {Pilot pen} Running low on that {Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment}     Sending out these {crafted letter pressed cards} Snacking on those {Lemongrass Toffee Almonds}  {Nestle Butterfinger}   Wanting to be twisted like this {hairstyle}   Hairstyle photo credit: whatthechung All other photos taken by bp

Sweet Treats

The idea behind #happymailhappyhour was as much about supporting card creators as it was about getting together to promote the practice of sending crafty snail mail.  Receiving a well thought out and decorated card from a friend is as touching and rare as receiving a box of surprise donuts.  For paper freaks like me, good stationery is just as sweet.   Each #happymailhappyhour guest received a generous variation of these items from participating businesses.  Guests were provided enough swag to keep on writing or to pay it forward!  Share share share!!!! One cannot hold an affair, big or small, without giving your guests something extra to smile about. Yes, I must admit these are a bit ‘Ho Ho Ho’ I packaged the contents for each box using USPS flat rate boxes, bright blue string and little red and white paper tags in keeping with the mail theme, but at 11pm they suddenly went from ‘Yeah’ to ‘Meh’,   Enter my green chevron paper to the rescue! It’s funny what one thinks of at 11:00 pm when rewrapping boxes the …

Get Happy – A Snail Mail Social

My Pinterest addiction for cute packages and kawaii paper products borders on slightly obsessive.  “Post more!  Share more!  I want to see more cute pictures of happy mail!”  I shout to the computer screen late at night when I cannot sleep.  So here is my very first #HappyMailHappyHour held at JamaRoo Kids Studio in Lower Pacific Heights for a small group of paper addicts and card collectors.  The studio space is still bright and cheery after hours, perfect for gathering a gaggle of gals or bevy of bloggers before the weekend begins! What a fun time we had last Thursday evening . Photos by @BeachCrabPhotography and @_lovelyletters_  A love of stationery means a love of playing with gorgeous cards pressed, painted, and printed by a variety of makers, made even more personal with our own special touches.  Seeing how each guest personalized her mail for mom, sister, friends, and her beau was enough to make anyone remember how precious a piece of mail can be.  Why not send a letter today or stick a note in somebody’s …

Snippets of My Week(s) #4

On AltChat yesterday, I mentioned that by telling some small stories behind my Instagram pics, there is a little peak into bp behind the writing.  Follow me @blogger_bp to join in the fun!  This Snippets of My Week series has been fun for me and I am happy to hear you like it too. I am behind on my snippets, with pictures and stories collected over the course of two weeks.  Who knows what I see or hear will make me write about next, but at least my snippets give you a look into the things in life that this gal is sweet on ….  speaking of which… ONE   Talk about sweet.  Not only is this a collection of yummies, but these were all little treats I received from friends in a week.  Gluten free?  Check!  Dairy free?  Double check!  Surprise sweets are even sweeter when they are from thoughtful, loving people.  And that giant slice of baby shower cake to celebrate one of my best gals?  I couldn’t eat it (okay, maybe just …

If These Shoes Could Talk

My intention was to buy a top.  A top for my new spring pants.  Walking past the shoe salon proved challenging.  I poked around to jog my memory for what to pull from my own shoe closet.  We all know it never ends there.  It hardly ever does end at looking, does it? If these shoes could talk, they’d say: I go with everything. Barre and Pilates classes, even if taken four days a week, won’t get you standing taller than I can. Yes, they WILL notice. Does it really matter whether or not you can stand around or dance comfortably in me? After a few drinks, you won’t care. Even if you  convince yourself I am similar to another pair you have, you want me anyway. I don’t cost THAT much. Yes, you deserve it. Well that settles that, doesn’t it?

Snippets of My Week #2

  I must admit, this past week was an emotional doozy for me. I needed to call in reinforcements.  My mind and nerves were rearranged like a Rubix cube, but there were many sources of happiness that  I outright sought for which I am thankful.  As SoulCycle always reminds me when we chat, “Remember those little moments, because you will always find them.” Take a look at my moments from the past week, in this case: Snippets of What Made Me Happy     I am in love with happy mail.  Just the thought of it makes me smile from ear to ear.  I love to receive it but I get a real kick (the good kind) in creating and sending it.   This week I sent out a few candy grams to some blog mentors.  Chocolate makes everything sweeter!   When you are surprised your shoe box holds actual shoes, you know you have a problem.  I have paper tucked into several bins, drawers and shoe boxes.   They hold stickers …  and ribbon …