1. second floor flat says

    Love this, Bobbie! I’m so enjoying following along on your trip and am so glad you decided to tag along with your husband. You would’ve regretted if it you didn’t. Tell me where you’ll be in London and I’ll send over more recommendations!

    • Thank you, Robin! I am happy I came too! Been much busier in London now that Husband is on vacation mode with me – too busy to write & wifi issues while out & about so it’s been harder to post, BUT am loving London & was able to see Jaime already over lunch at London Review Bookshop Cakeshop today. Keep on following, and will hit you up for more recommendations if we can fit more in! A week is not enough!

  2. Hey Bobbie! I’m finally here browsing your space. I love it. This is a perfect place to be when I’m sipping my coffee. I love seeing snippets on snapchat on your whereabouts. Hope you’re surviving the cold, bet SF will feel like summer when you’re back. xo, Selina

  3. Bobbie!! I am sitting down to write you a letter, and I figured that I would catch up and see what you’ve been up to lately. I followed your posts and videos on Snapchat, and I loved seeing Kiev through your lens. I’m SO WITH YOU time 100 on “doing it anyway.” I’ve applied that motto, myself, recently. Steve and I try to do the same thing, when one of us has a work trip. I’ve had the most amazing experiences the times I’ve hopped on the plane, too, and had my own time to explore and learn about a city/country. I hope you had a wonderful time and feel more centered, less anxious, and more like a tourist in your own city of SF. Much love and many hugs to you! And a snailmail headed your way! XO

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