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Happy Days 

Welcome to the last week of my 555 series! Please read the introduction to this project {here}. 

Week 5 Post 3 

I remember having chicken pox when I was 10 yrs old and hating that mom had to give me an oatmeal bath because I was so self conscious of my girly parts growing in. 

I remember running out to the yard in the afternoon heat with a glass of ice water for daddy as he cut the grass in his weekend trousers and garden gloves. 

I remember how my sister pinched my nostrils closed causing me to lose my breath & abruptly wake many a Saturday morning so I’d play Barbies or Strawberry Shortcake with her.

I remember before bed time we’d all snuggle under plaid wool blankets in the family room watching ABC’s Happy Days  on Tuesday nights.

Now and then scenes from my childhood flash through my mind, and they make me chuckle with teary gratitude. 

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