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On Five

This is the fifth and final week of my 555 series, a project that was inspired by my time at The Hello Sessions.

Week 5  Post 2

Since starting this 555 series I am a bit more disciplined and that feels great.

I am more thoughtful about what I say, paying attention to “just enough” instead of wondering if I wrote about too much or about too little. 

The sh!t sandwich angle has come back into play, because when one is clearer on what she wants, a light shines brightly on the work she’d better be willing to put into getting it.

 I think my mind has started working differently – in a good way, making connections between things that I didn’t before. 

I’m even more curious about other people’s works in progress, side projects, and primary work because I get that everything is a multilayered process that in itself can already be pretty fascinating. 


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