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Four Things I’ve Heard & One Thing I’ve Said 

Welcome to my 5 5 5 series. The objective of this exercise is to write five lines five times a week for five weeks, to get me back into a regular post writing habit. Habits don’t create themselves, after all. The parameters of frequency & amount of sentences/ lines will remain throughout this series, while the topics and format can be varied. Read my introduction here.

Wk 2 Post 4

“Yeah, we’re seeing each other, I like him… I mean, he’s okay- at least he SEEMS normal, like he has…. you know… a job.”

“What? You haven’t tried coke yet? It’s super fun, you’ll love it!”

“Only with you can I mention being drawn to cows chewing grass through wire and get my manifesto in the process!!”

“They don’t give a sh!t if I curse in front of them, I mean look at them- they can’t f#ckin’ hear me!”

“Gosh I really dont feel like getting sweaty right now, I worked so hard last night to moisturize.”


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