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Lately … 09.15.2015

Lately I’ve been having lots of random thoughts that are good fodder for posts. In turn I have ended up only building my drafts folder with single lined entries, but can my excuse this time be that it’s been my birthday week – come on, the best ones are always celebrated over several days – so there’s no chance I could’ve sat down long enough to develop anything substantial?  Your ongoing forbearance, dear reader, can be your gift to me.

Lately … I have been thinking:

On getting anything done:

I’m not overwhelmed, I’m just underfocused.

On drawing, fiddling with a piano tune, etc etc:

I’m not as bad as I thought, just not as wonderful as I’d wished.

On kids:

I’m having a love-hate relationship with kids lately. I adore them, from a distance. Someone told me it may be a coping mechanism…

Either that or I’m just a b*+€h.

On making green smoothies:

By now you’d think I’ve got these down to a science. Makes sense because lately they taste like a laboratory experiment.

On evolving my look:

This new haircut can either look really chic or kind of mom’ish … How is it that wearing cooler shoes dictates one’s perception of her blunt cut?

On makeup:

For someone who spends an hour watching makeup tutorials in bed the same way couch potatoes watch fitness videos while eating chips, I can’t ever expect to get my face done given the last three minutes I didn’t waste on You Tube before running out the door. Tip: keep concealer sticks in your bag, & lipsticks or glosses in all jacket pockets. At least you’ll have gotten that part of your face done.

On cleaning:

I. Hate. Cleaning.  #thestruggleisreal

On eating:

Did you know that when Super Duper forgot to add a strip of bacon to my burger they gave me a side container of FIVE strips to make up for it? I wonder if I can use that complaint every time?

On empathy:

My long time aesthetician of thirteen years, Ms. Meticulous, is on indefinite leave. I am praying she gets through this difficult period. I am praying my skin gets through this too.

On multi tasking:

Laying on my couch typing this post with a 3Lab Skincare sheet mask on my face, I feel so efficient.  If only I could eat crispy pata during yoga today so I didn’t have to choose between exercise & meeting hungry friends over lunch hour(s).

On birthdays:
In the words of the ever insightful, Teacher A,

“Good thing we are another year older, we could use a little more wisdom.”

Hell, I can use A LOT more of that.

A memorable birthday at the beach 09.11.15


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