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Snippets of My Life #13


Calligraphuck classing up the Thank You note.

Captain America told me that her six year old thought it’d be a good idea to send me this card as a thank you for the package I sent them last spring. I’m a big fan of calligraphuck.  Now I’m a bigger fan of that kid. Such good manners, I tell you.


Wide view of some happy mail love

My PO Box opens up to the most thoughtful pieces of mail. Sometimes I wonder if the sorters sometimes want to keep it for themselves.  I know I’d want to! Have you written anything lately?  It’s just as fun to send some out too.


Bok choy, seaweed salad, croquettes, tempura veggies, mixed rice, grilled fish, and bean cake. Take out, Nijiya-style

The Nijiya Market in Japantown continues to delight me. From sushi grade tuna to burdock root to furikake to unspecified processed snacks in cartoon packing, it’s always such a treat to food shop there when one tires of frequenting Whole Paycheck.


Gluten free and dairy free carrot cake with ‘cream cheese’ frosting with a side of probiotic pills.

Some time ago, I sat down with my favorite cake and a fork. I went to town that afternoon and never looked back. I like to think of it as just a really really big slice. I haven’t touched any cake since that spring day, but I hope to deserve another slice (a really really big one) when I celebrate my birthday later this week.


Girl in process

It’s nice to be getting back to a routine and finding little places to write in the city, like this open air courtyard at Jackson Place Cafe. I’ve been leaving the laptop at home, and find that plugging in earbuds and writing in my notebooks to background music helps free my mind when I am elsewhere. I haven’t used my laptop in public for a while, which helps lighten my load, which served me well this weekend:

Not quite as heavy as a MacBook Air … not yet anyway

I had a wide assortment of business cards, zines, stickers, pins, and flyers from the weekend’s San Francisco ZineFest and from the Sausalito Art Festival in my bag.  Glad I took the five seconds I needed to dump it all out before heading out for my trim. With the weight of two leather bound notebooks, a wallet full of coins and a variety of other ladies’ essentials, I was fixin’ for a backache. That’s what I get for freeing up space for my laptop. The funny thing with a messenger bag is that the carrier seldom gets the message that the bag flow-eth over.


  1. second floor flat says

    Just wanted to be the first to say happy (early) birthday, Bobbie! Wish I could be there to celebrate and have some yum yum cake with youuuu!

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