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A Letter to My Future Self

To:  Me, June 30, 2016

From:  Me  June 30, 2015

This is not a letter to tell you what goals I have for the year ahead.  This isn’t a letter to tell you how much hope I am putting into you.  This letter is to tell you that the woman I am today already knows the time is now.  The time is not tomorrow.  The time wasn’t yesterday.

I want to tell you, my 2016 self, that I have devoured countless books, listened to hours of podcasts, watched miles of video footage, and had many a heartfelt conversation that have covered twists and turns of my psyche and heart only to tell me in the end that the future doesn’t hold anything that today does not.  The future gleams bright for no woman who doesn’t take polish to silver every day. Without daily steps in 2015 to cultivate and care for a life well lived, 2016 will be nothing but a sad version of something that was once beautiful.

One of my best friends since early adolescence is now very ill.  Please tell me that when you are reading this, she is still around.  She said to me, “You need to decide on what you need. Make the choices to move you ahead happily in your life now,  before life surprises you and makes the choice for you.” 

I already know how my life is meant to be lived right now.  May the reader of this letter be a better version of me today. May the reader of this letter in 2016 be better than me because I intentionally groomed you that way in 2015.


–  Calamity Jane

Sometimes you just have to get on that goddamn horse and say, Giddy-up.


The letter to my future self as seen on the #happymailhop

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