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Filling The Well

I have been keeping my eyes opened for well filling opportunities. Working on the blog goes beyond writing a post and putting it out.  It is about exploring ideas, editing, and  ‘filling the well’.  Deliberate threads weave through well fillers, those common threads being anything that will help inform and influence the way I manage my energy, time, and define my intention.

A stack of required reading migrates to my bag, the coffee table, the dining table, the sofa, lobbies and to restaurants.  I do not often read one book straight through. Typically, I alternate between two at a time, and though one may not recommend reading that way, it works A-Okay for me. Imagine just having one extended class for an entire week, with no other subjects at hand –  it’s hard to stay engaged. Or one can also imagine having unconfirmed ADD, and that would explain this too (and so many other things about me….) That is how I feel about my relationship with books. Being immersed in one subject only would drive me to tears. Since these books are more research than storytelling, it is easy to slip in and out of, while providing nuggets of plenty for my well.


I’ve also been eating a lot of Vietnamese food, as you can see.

My current collection was gathered from suggestions I got off of podcast discussions, blog interviews, and peer recommendations. I am drinking it up and crave for it nightly. The  common threads running through the words of authors, Todd Henry, Austin Kleon, Sophia Amoruso, Steven Pressfield, and Jeff Goins, have given me insight into how the reader can think and work more efficiently while pursuing passion projects with persistence. I feel like a student who’s catching up in time for graduation. Their messages are specific, reaffirming, sometimes intimidating, and all necessary. If you are in the need of some creative guidance and a kick in the pants to shake up your routine while becoming much more productive, I suggest you get to the library now or head to Amazon. See my list at the bottom of this post.

I’ve kept my table for one reading varied and entertaining with the different types of quick witted banter by Woody Allen and Chris Rock. Reading between copies of their early paperbacks, I can hear each author’s cadence making for a fun read, no matter the topic. Reading the writing of people who are charismatic on stage helps me understand a variety of form and flow that I can apply to my own work one day. Having a delicious meal along side of any material helps much more.

How do you fill your well? Have you been checking on your levels lately? Later this week, I may post about the podcasts and online videos I’ve found enlightening too. Always open to suggestions, I  hope you can share your favorites with everyone in the comments section! See my recent reading list below.

Oh, one last thing- I am rebuilding my community list! If you’d like to consider receiving my posts via email, and I hope you do, click to learn more.

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Some hotel lobbies with their graphic decor make for comfy thinking spots in the middle of the day.

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