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Sometimes I Really Exhaust Myself

The thing is …

I get so excited about things and then I do it intensely without taking a break much less eat breakfast or lunch, and before I know it I CRASH.  Usually around this time, 4 o’clock or so.  I already know this is not a sustainable way to work.  I already am convinced that working on my projects this way shoots my adrenals way up high. But I cannot stop myself sometimes, and I just need to keep on going.

I love for example, a print, and everywhere I go I look for it. I saw a vintage print of vegetables in a home boutique and everywhere afterwards  I saw stacks of vegetables in frames, paintings of vegetables and books about vegetables.  I stumbled upon covers of magazines and lead stories online featuring the season’s vegetables. There were cards with vegetables at the hardware store, ceramic replicas of vegetables and aprons with vegetables, farmer’s markets that I am compelled to walk through just to touch the vegetables.   I want to see the farmers with their gritty fingernails weighing vegetables on a scale, and then I need to buy vegetables just to have them because they are so beautiful. I have moments when I don’t want to eat them because I don’t want to mess them up. Isn’t that insane? I imagine drawing vegetables based off of the iPhone pictures I have taken of them, and Google search downloadable coloring pages of them to extend my engagement in this fixation even more.


Particularly pretty at Borough Market. I love taking pictures of vegetables.


Then I get tired, really tired of them. Then these vegetables that I lauded for days turn to yesterday’s paper and I need to get away from them.

Sometimes I really exhaust myself.

Featured Image: Coloring Page {source} Borough Market photos by BP

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