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Gira Polli Kind of Date

Confiding in a comrade who can tap into your mind with honesty, acceptance and humor is one of life’s true gifts.

The rain came down so hard that afternoon I nearly reconsidered the trek from the city across the bridge. Dramanut and I were long overdue for a face to face, so I reminded myself though life is long, opportunities may be fleeting. Lunch in Marin was a small price to pay for a day with this date.

We settled in at the cozy restaurant smelling of herbs and sauteed vegetables after the hugs and cheerful, “How are you’s?” and “So good to see you’s”. She’s the kind of girl who sets an alarm on her phone so there is no need to do a time check between hello and goodbye. Talks with girlfriends who are everyday counterparts to your therapist require a restaurant that is quiet but not too quiet, because even when nobody knows you, one must be mindful of the secrets she spills, whether silly or scintillating.  A casual comment here, followed by a curious question there, a keen observation afterwards, a gasp, a giggle, then a deep disclosure which lead to:  “Whoa. Might we need a bottle of wine?”

With the right company, no table is big enough to hold everything being served, especially when it’s the psyche of two clever conversationalists on the menu. We needed food and a lot of it. This lunch called for a steak knife and for a super starchy potato side dish. I get this way with most of my meals with my lady friends. Salad leaves can’t withstand the weight of this sort of conversation, and cake with frosting would be the only way to round it out. Mind you, discussions needn’t be sad to be serious.  Intense chats about passion projects are as significant as analyzing one’s stress addiction to goldfish crackers. Career goals can take precedence over ruminating romance, though oftentimes relationship talks in our thirties (okay, your thirties, and to others, our forties) can still make a gal feel as giddy as being in high school all over again. Time stands still while also moving too quickly, when you are on an awesome girldate.

From that moment on, whenever Dramanut and I mark our calendars for our next chat and chew, we know we’re just going to cut to the good stuff, and can hardly wait for the next time. Whether planning to meet in a Marin County restaurant, in a Farmers’ Market rib joint, or sitting on the curb at the end of a shopping spree in southern California, we happily anticipate each time by saying,

“I think this calls for a Gira Polli kind of date.”

Featured photo: by BP. Kicking back curbside with Dramanut.

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