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In Love with Letters

Last month I wrote about waking up with a case of the fuglies, which I define as an emotional and mental state that gets me ‘feeling ugly’ inside and out. Knowing some time and self deprecation needed to transpire before the effects of being hit by the {Fugly Stick} would wear off, I threw a few things in my bag that morning to help me shake it off when I was ready.

Before heading out the door I found a piece of heartfelt happy mail from a blog buddy across the country that got lost in our junk mail pile.  It was a well timed note with a tiny string of crocheted hearts so sweet that I had to smile and pack it up with my books and two other caring cards I’d received and kept close at hand at that time.


A hand drawn emoji, crocheted hearts & a thoughtful thank you, a sweet shower invite, and a flat card from London.    …Love Love Love…

I am big on catch up texting, maintaining a group Viber chat with girlfriends abroad, and a nice meaty email thrown in for good measure, but I do have a special love for hand written correspondence. I am in love with letters. There is nothing as simple as the happiness spread when you find some heartfelt mail in your PO Box, especially when the cards are cute, the graphics great, and the hand of the sender tangibly felt in my own.

This April we are celebrating National Letter Writing Month. Snail mail senders are gearing up for community challenges to encourage everyone to put pen to paper.  I have a roster of recipients and room for more if you’d like a little letter from me to you. Just leave me a comment here or send me an email with your mailing address and I will add you to my list. Better yet, be bold and send me a letter first! I would adore nothing more! See where to send any happy mail {here}.  I have the stamps, but do I have the stamina to write thirty letters in thirty days? Do you? If not thirty, how about thirteen? Or three? Just write something to someone you love. Why not? Piece of cake, what do you think?


oohh…. caaaaaarrrrrddddss Shopping for stationery is real and it’s deep.

Follow me on {Instagram} to see what my snail mail sending friends and I come up with as we hop around IG to spread the happy mail love during the month of April using the hashtags #happymailhop,  #write_on, #30lettersin30days, & #nationalletterwritingmonth.

Nothing cures an ailment like the fuglies the way a love letter does. Try it this month, you’ll see!

All photos by Kelly Popejoy

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