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I sound slightly controlling and suspicious.  I blame it on the Virgo in me.  I am not a ‘perfectionist’ Virgo.  If I were a perfectionist I’d have better handwriting and probably not walk around town with my fly down like I did over the weekend or with my pants on backwards like I did the month before. I am a ‘particular’ Virgo. I am a Virgo who is  appreciative of order understood in her way, according to her own rules. I am particular with things making sense to me in a specific manner fitting nicely together in a puzzle that I can understand.

This doesn’t mean to say I am not spontaneous and often impulsive. Spontaneous with predicted (hopeful) outcomes and impulses that maintain my boundaries are the best kind.

So embarrassed but if I can’t admit my quirks to you here and now, dear readers, then when will I?

Photo Source: Zelma Rose Zodiac Constellation Necklaces

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