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On A Mission

The eclectic collection at SchatziSF. Photo by BP.

I was on a mission.  On the heels of revealing this revamped blog format Sunday, March 8, aptly our day to spring forward, I felt a new found energy, understanding, and excitement for my website.  Though I committed myself to “sticking to it”, I knew I couldn’t be in the corner of my dining area one day longer adding dots, moving things around, editing on the computer, and making more notes with the help of blue tape headers and colored sticky paper squares.  “No no no,” I said to myself,  “you must head out and explore.  It is time to refill the well.”

on a mission

Time to give it a rest, but this method is proving very effective for me! Paper still rules in this digital household!

Do you do that often enough?  Refill your well?  Chatting with Oddsauce recently, we referred to it as Inspiration Addiction:  workshops, books, articles, and podcasts. I am particularly hooked on Grace Bonney’s and Jess Lively’s podcasts, and anticipate my weekly Marie Forleo You Tube fix.  Discussions on process, method, and motivation are things I seek out constantly.  I have also been listening to a favorite soundtrack since I was a girl, Hannah and Her Sisters, on a loop.  Roy Eldridge and Bobby Short have a way with me, I guess.

Rumi said, “Live life as if everything is rigged in your favor.”   When a woman is on a mission, there is no other way to live.  I jumped on the bus to the Mission district and hopped off near a furniture shop sign reading, Schatzi, that I recognized from my Instagram feed.  It was as well curated and groovy chic as I thought it would be, with the coolest, co-owner, Kelvin, with whom I was able to chat, joke, and talk about “Just doing it!”  It’s all about the hustle, when you are on a mission.  Think big and move big.  Of all the pictures I took, I forgot to take one of Paper Jam Press’s canvas bag, “Every day I’m Hustlin'”  One day I will deserve to sport that tote.

schatzi collage

VIntage finds mixed with modern maker merchandise. Posters by Paper Jam Press and a signature ottoman collab with Gravel and Gold. Titillating.

I headed out for my tea date with EsselleSF just around the corner from the shop.  Sherry and I had been acquainted on Instagram with friends and acquaintances in common, thus the non-stalky vibe.    We’d tried meeting up for at least a month by now, and I was grateful for her time.   Of course it was worth it.   While sipping on chai we spoke easily about work, creativity, lessons learned, and expectations.   Generous conversations with insightful and confident people have a way of revealing your own work intentions to yourself and make you want to make them happen.

Before parting ways, we headed back into Schatzi to greet Kelvin, to drool over his merchandise, and to share a few more laughs.   After strolling another block of the Mission we discussed missions of our own before we said goodbye til next time.

I thought to myself, “Inspiration is addictive indeed.”


Twin photos. Instagrams side by side with some happy mail and spiced Samovar Tea Lounge Chai.


  1. Hold everything – you DO deserve the “Every day I’m hustin’” tote, because you are.

    And “refilling your well” is so important, and you’re going about all the right ways to do it. For me, it’s usually a vacation or at least a weekend away. If a holiday isn’t on the cards, a good book helps and sometimes even painting my nails or wearing lipstick, or rearranging furniture. Switching up the ordinary helps me in big ways.

    Now – go buy that tote!

    • You will be the first to know when I do, Robin! Thank you! Like anything else, keeping it up is about the routine and knowing how everything links in with my bigger goals/ vision of what I want for what I do. You are excellent at refilling your well. I am always impressed at how you make the time for all of it so naturally.

  2. First of all, that ottoman – LOVE! And yes, I too find myself an inspiration addict. Particularly the motivational, entrepreneurial, creative kind. Glad you got to step away from your sticky notes to explore + connect. BTW your blog looks great!

    • Thank you, Jennifer! Yes, that ottoman… right? Sounds like you fill your well with lots of positive things. Let’s get out there and use that fuel! Keep at it too and thank you so much for visiting and the encouragement!

  3. You were in my hood! (Well, my old one anyway ;))

    There’s no such thing as too much inspiration! I should look up those podcasts you mentioned. This well needs a ton of filling.

    ps. You inspire me!

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