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Spring Forward

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Welcome to the new layout of my blog, Even If Nobody Reads This.  There is still work to be done, but waiting for perfection won’t bring me any closer to it, but I am very happy with it already, especially having done it primarily myself and with the help of course, of Husband.  It’s been time for a redesign.   And it’s time to share it with you.

For the past week I have been combing through all of my posts since starting this online journal in 2010,  and have been organizing them into updated categories in order to clarify the tone and unity among some posts.  I finally added an ABOUT ME section holding my picture and name.  I am including my PO Box and email address clearly on the footer of the Home page & within the About page.  This is basic for the elementary blogger, but huge for me.

I’ve written semi anonymously for a very long time, so for those who know me and have followed Even If Nobody Reads This, it’s not surprising that this is a big step forward.  Given how I write, one would think I am not this private, when in fact it is precisely because of how I write that I am quite protective and shy away from the attention to my blog in real life.

I like to write about things we think and about noteworthy observations.  I also write a lot about silly things and feelings that I can’t be the only one having.  My belief is that we all share sentiments much more than we realize.  I find unexpected nuggets of gold within conversations and experiences, and put them in my pocket to be written about now, next month, or in a few years.   As you read through my long essays, little snippets, or pithy musings,  I hope you find either touches of golden dust, valuable bullion, or gold leaf for gilding ordinary things in your own lives.

We all have a creative gift to share with the world that doesn’t feel fully realized unless we are willing to give some of it away.  I now understand that my own hesitation to reveal myself and put my name on what I do has stopped serving me.  I couldn’t create more nor produce more without embracing new attitudes and until I let go of old ones, jumping the gap between then and now.  So this is my leap.  Time to spring forward.

NEWthe-artist-who-aims-at-perfection-in-_eugene-delacroix-quote (1)


    • Thank you! You’ve always encouraged me and believed in this blog, Bea. Thank you so much and hope you continue enjoy it!

  1. AWESOME! Love the redesign and love your writing! The about me page looks great and it’s such an important part of a blog! It’s always one of the first things I read because I love feeling connected to the blogger. So happy to keep following along on your blogging adventure!

    • Hi Kelly! The About page, the about me sidebar, and the footer were the scariest part & long overdue. I too, go straight for the About Me pages on blogs but always felt there was no place for one on mine oddly enough. The stories are mine but I feel the experiences are shared by everyone, so it’s been very push/pull for me putting my face and name ‘on it’ in that respect. Thanks for the feedback. I am grateful you are going to follow along on this adventure. It’s so good to have you, Kelly!

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