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Monkey Mind

My busiest thinking comes when I am not supposed to think at all.

It begins as soon as the studio becomes quiet, once I take that guided breath, and the moment that first intention goes out. My mental mind dump happens during the worst possible time – during yoga.

I have days when I can practice ninety minutes with my mind as clear as spring water, but there are days when I have so much on the brain that Monkey Mind inevitably happens at the onset of Half Forward Fold. It is most inconvenient.

Trying to recall if I hit “send” on that private Facebook message I wrote and rewrote for an hour can probably wait one MORE hour.

Telling myself I should offer to lead circle time soon in the Teddy Bear Room as I chant OM is not what you’d call being present.

Whether or not I should have a carnitas taco on a soft corn tortilla shouldn’t matter at 7:30am doing Triangle Pose.

Realizing I didn’t get the best deal for my laundry detergent purchase doesn’t help me stay balanced in Half Moon.

Seated Twist is not the moment to start going over the guest list for our potential potluck party.

Wondering if I left that cotton dress at my mom’s house while I Flip my Dog is not the best use of my focus.

Envisioning how many oranges and lemons are in our wire fruit basket have little to do with Plank Position,

though wondering when exactly the Golden State Warriors are moving their stadium to the city makes a bit of sense while in Warrior 2.

Remembering to recommend a different ointment for my friend’s eczema is kind of weird during Tree Pose.

It goes on and on until that very last moment in Savasana. Laying there in Corpse Pose, when the class is all but over, the monkey finally rests.  Of course he does…

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