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Posts on Post Its

It has been a long time coming, but friends, I am redesigning my blog.  The end goal is to have a format that showcases a wider variety of existing content found in Even If Nobody Reads This. I thought about changing the name and about getting an entire suite of new graphics for the blog, but that didn’t feel necessary to me.  It’s like when you reorganize your closet for the season.  It’s not that you are renovating it, you are just moving useful pieces onto more suitable shelves, purging and mending some items that don’t get enough use, and rotating forgotten things onto hangers in front, while picking up little sweaters that have fallen between stored boots and placing them in drawers with the rest of your knitwear.

I reread my content.  I made four main categories to start with.  I wrote each post title onto a color coded Post It.  I have space on each paper to write notes like tags,  follow ups, and connections with other categories.  With every little task I have for each post, I realize there are edits that can be made, possible alterations in the flow that will lead to a related post at a future date that will nicely tie in with this one that could then open up to that one.  This process is leading to new ideas while reaffirming existing plans for some that I have yet to do.  There are old picture links that no longer work, posts that are way too long, and naked essays needing a visual.  That’s just the beginning.  I was told it is best that as a blogger I learn how to run my site by myself, and that I will be glad I did.  A very cheery blog friend even said that redesigning is fun.  Hmmmm … fun ……

I want to hurl myself out a window.


I am channelling the post its stuck to my walls.

I am channelling the post its in a pile sticking next to my computer.

I am channelling the post its stuck in lines on my table.

I am going to stick to it.

God damn post its.  They think they know everything.

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