Being, Woman'ish
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Winner’s Checklist

Wake up

Oil pull and brush teeth

Drink a glass of room temp water

Have morning sex

Drink water

Drink herbal Chinese tea from acupuncturist


Green smoothie and supplements

Write morning pages while drinking water

Smile at hanging poster of kittens in a teacup

Bang out two posts that will undoubtedly go viral

Have homemade lunch while editing and planning out the calendar

Chat on speaker phone with a friend for 20 minutes while doing lunges (burpees optional)

Drink more water

Style and shoot indoor photos

Lay out plan for tomorrow’s post

Reply to email and leave insightful comments on followed blogs

Schedule playdates with friends for the upcoming week

Eat an apple, drink water

Hit the pavement for errands and the mid afternoon walk

Smile at senior citizens waiting for the bus

Buy fresh produce

Have a banana at 5 o’clock

Write down ideas from afternoon walk while sipping on green juice

Make dinner

Facetime with mother

Shower, brush, floss

Have evening sex

Go to bed knowing tomorrow I am going to wake up a winner… yet again.

Side note:  It is 1:11pm and so far I have only managed to wake up, brush, and drink two glasses of water.  At least I am banging out one post, even if it doesn’t go viral.  Somehow I am hoping there is still time for me to be (in my own mind) a version of my daily self that is  a winner.

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