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Big Love for this Little List

I am in love with love!  All day Saturday my Instagram feed was flooded with a variety of perfect pictures deserving to be shared.  If we were sitting on the same sofa I would have been waving my iPhone in your face all day saying “Look at this!!!  So ____ *funny, sweet, clever –  fill in the blank*!”  
Do you have any pictures you would’ve shown me if you could? Any Instagram profiles you think I might like?  Oh, and if you’re interested in my everyday story telling beyond this blog, please find me on Instagram @blogger_bp.
Consider these pictures my belated Valentine to you, social media style.  xoxo – bobbie

K i d   L o v e
F l o w e r   P o w e r
W h a t   A   G i r l   W a n t s   …  W h a t   A   G i r l   N e e d s 
I t  T a k e s  T w o
@marloes_schut;  Print by essillustration
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    • Hi Kelly! Thank you! It was such a nice weekend for IG I think! That baby pic is my favorite!!

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