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Couples Counseling

My editorial calendar and I need therapy.  It is not a love/ hate relationship.  Having a blog means posting content regularly.  It means you are wanting and willing to share your vision and your thoughts within your genre of food, fashion, fine art, entertaining, lifestyle, or in my case, personal narrative, and hoping that you have nuggets of good information hiding in there of value to someone other than yourself.
Having been actively blogging for about two years now (as I do not count my four yearly posts earlier on)  I have resisted the editorial calendar thinking that her function was for busy bloggers, serious bloggers, and prolific bloggers, not lil ol’ me.  When I started posting with some regularity in 2013, I heard from here, there, and everywhere that the secret to success is the editorial calendar.  Heck no, I resisted.  And yet, someone gave her my address and in she popped into my life with all of her enthusiastic and organized glory.
My editorial calendar (or let’s just call her E.C. for short) thought that she could come into this relationship and change me.  I am not a stubborn woman and I can identify growth opportunities when they come my way, but I didn’t like how she’d encourage me to try something new but berate me for not completing a task at week’s end.  I appreciated that she washed and organized my dirty laundry of thoughts and divided them into clean piles, but I could feel her looks of resentment when the piles stayed untouched, not put into the drawers she cleared out and labeled for me.  This editorial calendar was never satisfied.  E.C. gave me no new content ideas, and yet, she expected me to keep feeding her with them more and more.  She complained of feeling neglected, so I bought a paper version of her to keep close to me in my bag wherever I went.  But boy, did she flip out when she realized we weren’t exclusive.  “Where else can I write down appointments and share lunch dates if not with you?”  I argued.  I mean, geez, seriously, lady?  Come ON!  I thought you were going to be patient and understanding of who I am.  Does that not mean accepting ALL parts of me?
I mistakenly expected her to make me more tenacious and more prolific but she didn’t.  She mistakenly expected me to follow up on our brilliant brainstorming with precision but I wouldn’t.   So we called it off.  Me kinda done with her pestering and she totally over my ingratitude and laziness.
I went off on my own, working and slowly writing pieces late at night, midday and first thing in the morning.  Many pieces were half cooked ideas, others didn’t feel like they belonged in this world, so they have all stayed shy and insecure in a draft folder, unsure if being bench warmers is what they were meant to be.
I realize E.C. only meant well, and that her constant prodding was because she wanted for us to work out so badly.  If anyone could see the potential in our relationship and the kind of blogger/ writer/ organized storyteller I could be, it was a gal like E.C., and I need her back.  I want her back.  I am willing to make it work, but it will not be an easy ride as I have many poor habits, self inflicted blockers (and some ADD mixed in there) and let’s be honest, a slightly turbulent relationship with her.
She said she would be willing to go to couples’ counseling, when I dialed her up after this morning’s #altchat where we discussed actionable items and content building.  Being reminded that other bloggers I respect rely so heavily on their own E.C., I thought the universe was giving me a second chance, like when the boy runs through the rain to stop the girl from boarding that plane.I am glad it is not too late, and we both see there is still hope in this head of mine.  So let’s see, shall we?  Couples Counseling with my Editorial Calendar.  It’s a thing.  Isn’t it?


  1. I tell you, I adore my EC! We are virtually inseparable and she lives tucked inside my little black book where I keep my To Do lists! We're also exclusive! I keep everything else on my Google calendar, but I find it really helpful to have a paper copy to help me organize content to make sure I have everything spaced out ok! Can't wait to hear how your relationship progresses! xo.

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