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Will You Be My Valentine?

If Christmas is the World Cup of the card sending world, does that make Valentine’s Day the Super Bowl? What better way to rally around the sweetest little love notes than with a #HappyMailHappyHour collaboration with the one and only Minted at their San Francisco offices downtown?  I was more than delighted to work with such a well known brand that supports thousands of independent artists from around the world to produce their designs in card, print, and textile formats.  We knew this collaboration would bring a letter writing paper party of epic proportions following my past two HMHH events (in August & in November).  Want to write some Minted Valentine’s of your own?  Keep on reading …

Gathering a group of paper happy blog buddies for cocktails and card writing was easy.   Everyone wants an excuse to get together for a good time, and having a mixologist as a friend sealed the deal. Happy hour was on!!!  Ashley Rose Kirschling created us a gorgeous grapefruit cocktail with the generosity of Skyy Vodka (gluten free, natch).  This girl’s got mad mixing skills…

ashleyrose pucker up

Ashley’s photo of her creative concoction for the night with edible flower garnishes:  “Pucker Up” (original recipe at end)

Classroom Valentine cards along side flat stylish XOXO cards with special stickers begging to be sent.  How can one resist?
The long conference table in the newly renovated Minted offices was the setting for our snail mail social.

Knowing guests enjoyed themselves seeing old friends and meeting new ones while doing something super creative and thoughtful is the best part.  This was the biggest Happy Mail Happy Hour yet, and I must say even with the larger party size, it still felt very cozy, warm and purposeful.  I love a good girls’ night and with a vibe like this, I can’t help but be so grateful for the opportunity to share these great cards with friends while spreading some love through snail mail. This is the kind of Valentine’s Day Celebration I can get used to!

Treats included empanadas, salads, & gluten free cupcakes.   Camille Simmons made the loveliest cookie tortes.
Filling gift bags, getting our selfie stick on, fabric wrapped boxes & writing sweet nothings, that’s what HMHH is made of!
All kinds of yumminess:  food, drinks, company, & art prints!!

All event photos:  Kelly of K.L.P. Creative

Loving how adorable these cards and prints are?  One lucky winner will be getting a $125 prize to spend on Minted product on by entering below tonight through Saturday, February 7 at 11:59pm EST!  A winner will be chosen at random and announced on Sunday,  February 8.  Won’t you join?


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P U C K E R    U P ! ! !    by Ashley Rose

Photo, recipe, and styling by Ashley Rose Kirschling
Pucker up
1 oz SKYY Texas Grapefruit Vodka
4oz Grapefruit & Mandelo Juice
1oz Basil Ginger Syrup
Edible Flower Garnish
Juice equal parts grapefruit and mandelo juices. Add all ingredients except flower garnish to a cocktail shaker with ice.Strain into a glass with crushed Ice. Add Edible Flower for garnish.
Basil Ginger Syrup
2 Cups Sugar
2 Cups Water
4″ Piece of Ginger
8 medium sized basil leaves
Peel and chop ginger. Add sugar, water, and ginger into a saucepan and place on high. Once it has come to a boil, turn to low for 10 mins. Take off the heat and add basil leaves. Let the syrup cool completely before straining into a jar.
Thank you, SkyyVodka for providing us with the newest Skyy Infusion Flavor!  Photo: Ashley


  1. You bet I was! In elementary school I gave an anonymous one to this boy named Jeremy. Evvveerrrryyybody had a crush on him (you know how that can be) and then my friend's made fun of it because it was handmade & because *somebody* had actually acted on the crush. I don't think I ever ended up sharing that I'd been the valentine sender… haha. Happy V day!

  2. Even back then, you knew what you wanted. I like a gal who follows her gut. Embarrassing as a kid, but serves us well as adults! I wonder what Jeremy would say if he found out now…

  3. Not nervous before… Embarassed after! My super-hot boyfriend had a wicked sense of humor, so I picked a funny card. The front said something about Snow White's eighth dwarf, Horny. He gave me a beautuful card that talked about how special we were together. I appreciated his card, but wanted to die!!! Now that he's my husband, I always lean toward the sappy!

  4. Classic! The moment a woman thinks like a man, her man thinks like a woman. Glad it worked out that your super hot boyfriend is now your super hot husband😋💌

  5. AH! I've never been that nervous about cards- I probably just never even thought it COULD be a thing to give one to a guy! My best (worst?) Valentine's Day story is that I got crawled on by ants in second grade because someone left candy in their desk too long. It was less than awesome. 🙂

  6. Oh no! I must agree your experience was less than awesome but your story is kind of is! 😂 Did you get to keep any of the clean candy? 🐜🍬🐜🍭🐜

  7. Oh gosh! You looked like you had such a wonderful time – so sad to have missed it! While I was home over the holidays, I uncovered a box of letters my friend and I mailed each other for years of elementary school (we lived next door and still sent them with actual postage…). I have stacks of letters like this, so I can't say I've ever been shy about giving a card, or a Valentine for that matter!

  8. What a lovely event. I'm so sad I had to miss it. But I pinned that cocktail recipe and I will be making myself a pucker up as a consolation.

  9. Anonymous says

    I never gave sending Valentine's cards much thought. It was always simple, signed greeting cards to family and good friends, until I was in Highschool. I sent one to a close friend who happens to be a boy. In return, he sent me one with a letter saying all the sentimental and beautiful things about our friendship. Needless to say it change my view on Valentine cards forever. Now that I'm older and wiser (hopefully), I send my cards with much enthusiasm of letting them know how much each and every one of them mean to me.

  10. That's so nice! Great memories! I have a box of old letters from friends too that were written as children. I missed having you at the event, but be assured there'll be a lil Valentine (stamped!!!) coming your way! 💌

  11. Carla! I know! Too bad! I was really hoping to catch up with you. But yes, drink your Pucker Up cocktail & think of us! 😍 Thanks for pinning!!

  12. I've only ever given them to friends or if I was in a committed relationship, so never scared!

  13. Anonymous says

    You're an amazing writer. Keep up the awesome work! Glad that you're back posting again!

    You know….

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