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Snippets of My Week #11

The holidays have been leaving me a buzz with good cheer though sadly under the weather.  It’s tough when you have many things you’d like to do, but not enough energy to do them. I need to reserve my energy for the weeks ahead of me. I am leaving for vacation, but not before being served a good helping of Christmas spirit in San Francisco.

May you have a Happy Holiday, dear friends! Remember to spread cheer far and wide, and you’ll be rewarded tenfold.  See you in 2015!


Workshopping and socializing around this Lilikoi antique letterpress machine

everlane test

Last minute shopping for vacay basics delivered to my door step in under an hour! Thanks, Everlane and Postmates! My personalized note included!

brush up

Hosting a “brushup with bp” makeup party at Barneys


Sending out Holiday Happy Mail and packing presents. Calligraphy by Ashlee T.

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