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Wiggle Room

Cell action Photo c/o Simone Anne Lang

Me:  Any chance you’re free that night?

Her:  I work those nights …

Me:  …it just means we’ll have to make plans for another time …

Her:  … but I was going to ask if you are free at all tomorrow?

Me:  (thinking) yes I am … around 3 or 3:30?

Her: We can go here so you can finally meet him.  I’m excited!

Me:  SURE!!!! (emoji of two girls dancing)

Her:  … is there an upper limit to your free time tomorrow?  Maybe 5 or 5:30 so she can join?  That would make my week!!!

Me:  (looking at schedule) Will do Barre at 1pm then.  5:30 it is!

Her:  She’s in!  6:30?

Me:  (postponing something else) Schweet

Her:  These plans sure changed fast haha!  That work?

Me:  YES!

Her:  Yay!  So happy this all fell into place!

Me:  When it’s important and there is a little wiggle room time wise, we make it work. (smiley face with kiss)  See ya!

This is an actual text message exchange two days ago minimally adapted and shortened with no names. Yes, we made it work.  It was so worth it.  I woke up dehydrated and slightly hung over this morning, but at least I applied my creams before bed.  Priorities, ladies.

Here’s to wiggle room.  We don’t always have it, and when we do we need to spend it wisely.  There are so many tasks or commitments in the day and lots of people we want to see, but when the time is right, and it is simple enough to make a few tweaks here and there to our schedules, I am happy to dip into my Wiggle Room account and spend that currency when I can afford it.  What about you?

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