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Snippets of My Week #10

Voices.  I hear voices now and then. Typically my own thoughts,  often my intuition speaking to me, but primarily it’s my stomach  taking over the loud speaker. 
Case in point, a voice said last week, “It’s okay to miss Barre Mix in favor of pancake mix.”  Pancakes get lonely with only a pour of maple syrup.  Bacon, as we all know, is always a good idea.  It’s convenient to toss it into the oven  (400 degrees for 15 minutes) while brushing my teeth and washing up in the morning.     This was not the first instance of bacon trumping barre but I don’t use that excuse too often.  Just the other night the voice of my physical therapist played in my head as I ran to evening class in the pouring rain, “Unless you have a fever, you need to work out.”   Maybe she knows I need to off set all of the bacon.  
My morning kitchen counter condition


The color gray has been speaking to me in a big way.  It’s the friendly neutral for clothing and for interiors.  At the joint Rue Magazine and Serena & Lily party, I lost myself in my aspirational decorating dreams.  I was transfixed by this nursery shelf, but no voices spoke to me other than those of design and color planning.  Everybody calm down.  

The shoes, the crown, THAT teeny tiny tooth purse – too much! at Serena & Lily



When clothes speak so directly to me, I try to pay attention.  This t-shirt with the hotdog necklace and 
frappuccino shoes had a voice with an important mantra to share with me.
“Whatever.  I’m getting cheese fries.”


Having to forgo the Rotunda’s popover & strawberry butter is impossible, ask anyone, so you’ll understand I had a few bites.  I effortlessly passed on the tray at tea as the voice consoled me, “Petits Fours Schmettites Fours.  Champagne & shrimp-crab salad is still a big win.” 


I have been sitting at many a table for one lately to jot down notes or to read quietly. In this case, the voice convinced me that sipping tea while watching the bartender prep for happy hour was much more interesting. 
Cocktails, crafts, and conversation made my wet trek to the Camille Styles Entertaining book launch well worth it!  The voice told me I should just put on my duck boots head over in the rain.  I kept my signed copy & treats so close to my chest enroute home in the downpour that Husband thought the two cookies I brought home for him were actually just one big squishy cookie! 
L-R: A gift wrapping station; Sugared cranberries in champagne.  All decor & paper details by Minted, the evening’s host.
Holiday prep calls for gathering and meeting.  The voice pushed me to plan a midweek meet up with a few paper loving blog friends to write notes of gratefulness & thanksgiving.  A definite highlight to the month so far, my second #happymailhappyhour was full of easy camaraderie & card coveting executed pop up style at the communal table in my favorite cafe.  I plan to host another happy mail happy hour in early 2015, the format of which is to be determined.  If you are interested in joining, please sign up for my newsletter and head to my Pop Up Party! Happy Mail Happy Hour post (here) to leave a comment!
Thanking someone for completing a neighborly task.
May your upcoming week be even better than the one that just passed, full of great food, fun friends, and whatever else tickles your fancy.  Happy Thanksgiving to you and THANK YOU THANK YOU for coming to my part of the internet and being a part of my community.  I would love to hear from you, so you can always comment here, check me out on Instagram or Twitter (blogger_bp) or even send me an email.  
Life seems so ordinary to all of us, but doing my snippets helps me notice the charm in the everyday. May you continue to appreciate the charm in your unique life too!



  1. I know those voices well! Glad to hear the snippets serve you well…it seems like a great day to kind of look back over the week and reflect on what you actually did, you know? Otherwise the days and weeks just seem to fly by!

  2. I know those voices well! Glad to hear the snippets serve you well…it seems like a great day to kind of look back over the week and reflect on what you actually did, you know? Otherwise the days and weeks just seem to fly by!

  3. Yes, the voices are worth listening to whether good or bad and influence me greatly! Doing snippets makes me savor and think about all that good stuff that as you said, can fly by with time. Thanks for dropping in, Robin!

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