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Lately … 10.28.14

Lately I’ve been …

Sporting that print (vintage Christian Dior from mom) 
Knocking around in these brown boots (Rag & Bone Classic Newbury
Spending time in this home (family comes first) 
Looking up at that sky (fall scenery care of New England by way of Mother Nature) 

Living out of this bag (Longchamps Le Pliage

Coveting that hair (girl I met while shopping) 

Lately my blog has been quiet, but it is only signalling that I, along with the seasons, have been needing a shift.  Noticing the beauty in the leaves I have to shed is a practice in patience, gratefulness, and humility.  

I have always been a fan of fall.  Aren’t you? 


  1. TOTALLY love Fall! Today is the first day where the air has that crisp quality while the sun shines. MY FAVE.

    P.S. My old coworker had that SAME HAIR. Flat iron curls, apparently. (And… they don't work for me. I am not talented in the ways of flat iron curls.)

    P.P.S. WHEN WERE YOU IN NEW ENGLAND (my second favorite place!) And where? AHH! 🙂

  2. Carla! I am now experimenting with the flat iron curl because of her! Lol! Will show you when we see each other next!
    Actually on plane leaving Boston this minute! Beautiful fall foliage in Michigan too! #familyweekend

  3. Love that you took a photo of the girl's hair that you met while shopping – I would totally do that too. 🙂 And that shot of New England is gorgeous. Fall really is such a wonderful season. Aside from its obvious beauty, there's something about it that really makes you look around, and reassess.

  4. Shedding & renewal, right, Robin? The beauty of fall really does make one take notice for a moment! Am lucky I caught some of it this year!

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