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The Very Moment

White Rabbit moments.  "I'm late I'm late!  For very important date!"  Alice in Wonderland

The very moment I decide to increase my savings contributions I hate all of my workout clothes and want to buy new gear in the exact same shade of nondescript black in the same nondescript style to supposedly freshen up my routine.

The very moment I am finally going to the farmers’ market for the day, I realize I have zero cash on hand and need to sort through the ten pound box of coins I have at home with the hopes I can buy at least two heads of kale or maybe some organic, cage free, etc etc eggs with the change in my pouch.

The very moment I am due to be at the shuttle stop for work I decide to start getting ready for it.

The very moment I map out my itinerary for the bus I find I have missed it and end up taking an Uber anyway.

The very moment our plane tickets for our Christmas vacation reach a reasonably lower price I remember I still have to put in the request to redeem and use mileage.

The very moment I have a full day to write a post, I have nothing to say.

The very moment I have something to do instead of my post, three ideas come to mind.

The very moment I have to get outta here to meet my friend  I need to use the bathroom.

The very moment I hit Publish on my blog, all seems right with my afternoon.


  1. I know this feeling! The very moment I sit down to a meeting or call, or to write/work/focus, I'm hungry and need to go to the bathroom and am desperate for a cup of coffee. It's so true.

  2. I just wanted to stop by and stay that I really love your blog. I love reading your posts. All your posts, but especially posts like this. And I am so glad that I found you through one of those Alt Chats so many months ago.

  3. That first one… real life x 1000. Not that the rest aren't real life, I'm just in the midst of the first one. Currently experiencing: the very moment I realize I need to start saving more, I move into a new apartment and have to buy things like a dining room table and chairs.

    Miss you!

    xx Katie
    lovely letters

  4. Right? So happy for you, Katie! Let's talk more abt these crazy things soon! Miss you too!!!

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