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Snippets of My Week #9

The scene at The Mill SF
A smattering of my top snippets from the week.  This time around, I am recapping by time of day versus day of the week.  Aren’t most things more memorable around when we eat anyway?   I invite you to follow me @blogger_bp on Instagram during the week if you aren’t already. 
Midnight Snack
Or more accurately, 10:45 pm snack.  When you want something chocolatey on a week night and know there’s a bag of Bob’s Red Mill Brownie Mix in your cupboard, it’s easy to give in.  After trimming off the edges I saw this imperfectly perfect giant brownie square.  Why bother cutting some more? I’m just going to eat the whole  thing anyway…
A giant brownie is all I could need.
Toasters lined up at The Mill on Divisadero … I can see why they need all of these. Pumpkin butter, almond butter, honey butter, sea salt and classic butter, etc etc atop thick slices of toast with a cuppa joe.  Sadly unable to eat the toast nor coffee drinker myself, I enjoyed my cup of tea with Wedded Clicks over the asian pear and midnight brownies I smuggled in.  When she coaxed me to taste her toast, I knew we had the makings of an enjoyable morning.  We were engaged in spectating between our secret-swapping and silly stories.  There were many cool citizens to watch in this stylish spot.  
Grabbing lunch at a bar midday feels very adult.  After declaring on a twitter chat that I use social media to extend my offline life and not to only live vicariously (link to spectator) through it, I put my money where my mouth was and found this watering hole I saw on IG (natch).  Worth the walk, The Social Study is comfortable, relaxed and civilized in the day, with a full bar and good eats manned by the charming owner.  Ginger limeade and tacos for one please.  Should bring my laptop next time, or just come by at night for the DJ.  
Lunch at the bar; the DJ booth above the home library set up at The Social Study.
Tea Time
The #pineappleselfie at Wrecking Ball Coffee Roasters in front of Rifle Paper’s wallpaper is the “thing” at this Union Street coffee house.  Not much for selfies myself, these sugar cubes were screaming for a pineapple portrait prior to being plopped into my cup of Honey Orchid tea (just one cube not all, mind you).
Dinner dates when the hubbies are working late are great with girls, particularly one you are getting to know.  Ms. Montgomery and I found some surprising commonalities between us during our delicious mediterranean meal.  Mother-daughter dynamics are both unique and universal whether you’re from Louisiana by way of Brussels or from New Jersey by way of Manila.  I love getting lost in conversation.  You never know where it can take you.
Moving announcement from my dinner date
Tonight I am working on my first Mosaic Photo Book using their app on my iPhone.  Limited to twenty pictures, the book is meant to be done quickly and easily.  Click click click, done.  with only take four business days from order to delivery. This one is a bit moody in theme,  but the next one will be based on offline blog fun.  In cooperation with Mosaic I will be giving away a free photo book this weekend, so start looking at your own pictures and tell me in the comments below what kind of Mosaic Photo Book you would create.  For an extra entry, please like and regram or favor and retweet my IG and Twitter announcements for this giveaway.  A winner will be randomly chosen and announced Tuesday, October 14th, so check back then! 
A snapshot of my Mosaic Photo Book  in progress.
The End.  
Happy Columbus Day Weekend!  Good luck with the contest!

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