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Snippets of My Week #8

What sits behind me.
In Hayes Valley
Miette Bakery is consistently stunning with their fully stocked jars of old fashioned candy and towers of perfectly packaged baked goods.  I like that it is difficult to take a bad picture in here because of their beautiful merchandising and interior details.  Whether or not I eat anything in here is besides the point.  It’s just a complete dream.
Miette Bakery
A short walk around the area brought me to Papabubble.  Producing all of their tightly designed candy in house, it smelled like sweet berries and cotton candy, prompting me to sample their kiwi and watermelon flavors, though I was allowed to taste my way through the shop if I wanted to.  You must come yourself to see the detail in each piece of candy. In stark contrast to Miette’s feast for the eyes, Papabubble’s minimal interior aesthetic still made a strong impact.  My favorite display is their little case here.
At home
I was staring at this for a little longer than I would have liked.  I may as well have flown cross country in the amount of time I spent just sitting here.  As a writer, I enjoy really productive, endlessly streaming moments, only to be peppered with days. like. these.  The more I stared down at the blank screen and keyboard,
My keyboard
… the more I wanted to be looking up at this tree listening to nothing but the wind.   Currently I know that forcing myself to focus is important, but when the mind starts to wander, perhaps the body should too.  What do you think about that?  I think I am a ‘step away from the keyboard’ kind of person when it doesn’t start clicking.  Do you think a remote weekend away should be on the horizon for me?
Palo Alto’s tree
At the Civic Center
The midweek Farmer’s Market at the Civic Center may bring together a fantastic array of fresh produce, flowers, fish, eggs, and meats, but my favorite part of the morning was seeing small groups of children with their teachers buying this and that with their pocket money.
Purple produce is everywhere!  An enthusiastic teacher shopping for vegetables with her students.  The Urban Field Trip.
Not ever liking the idea of my produce being grazed by hundreds of hands before they reach mine, I rescheduled my morning workout to the early evening so I could hit the stalls.  I practiced a different type of muscle toning that morning.  Instead of these little hand weights
Hand weights waiting for hands
I successfully reached muscle failure carrying bags of food in each hand.  Here, my right hand was still free enough to photograph my left.
Looking so vibrant upon arrival at home!
the Tenderloin in the day;  the Marina at night

It is high time for me to come to terms with something.  When I photograph what is on the table I either

A) need to start making early bird dinner and cocktail reservations way ahead of sundown in order to take advantage of the better lighting available during the day as seen at lunch at Turtle Tower in Little Saigon

Beef Noodle Soup and Imperial Rolls with vermicelli, lettuce, mint and cilantro  at Turtle Tower
B) accept the poor uninspired lighting present whenever I use my iPhone when documenting a meal or drinks in the evening.   No matter how cool the bar or hip the restaurant, it never translates.  I really need to let this go.  Is this a case for the iPhone 6 or should I stop taking indoor even pictures all together?  I am slightly kidding …
Thankfully my attention is always more on the company anyway.  Here at Chotto Izakaya, we celebrated the birthday of Club Kid over shared plates.  I love the look of demolished dishes at the tail end of a group dinner.  Stained wine glasses, tiny remnants of food begging to be picked at, sake to be shot (oh!  sipped?  oops… pardon moi) a delicious meal with a side of decadent conversation is always the key to my heart.
What DIDN’T we order?  Grilled tongue, duck, pork belly, yellowtail, tuna tartar, squid, sashimi … at Chotto Izakaya
In the Presidio
I love the kids.  Whenever I need to put on my supervisor hat I am more than happy to head over to the center.  The kids and teachers are not just my community, they are my family.  I spent my break playing with the littles and catching up as they piled onto me or stood waiting for their turns to give me hugs and make me laugh.  How fun it is in the classroom when they are not quite bouncing off the walls yet.
A kid in her shoes, a kid in school shoes, a boy missing a shoe.  You can’t stage these kinds of moments.
My day was spent waist deep in our periodic administrative and organizational activities.  I purged old files, collate, record, pack,  and label them.  Now we just need to ship all nine boxes.  Yes, I am very impressive.  What’s more impressive?  I just realized I have been wearing this JCrew t-shirt to work for about four years now.  It is older than the full grown toddlers in the photo above.  I cannot believe it is still alive, clear sequined trim in place, no sour puke stains on it, no holes, not yet stretched out.  This realization means something is bound to happen to it next time.
A girl and her paper in her office, a.k.a. ‘the supply closet’.


  1. Hey there!

    I haven't visited your blog for a while, but I love your new layout! Looking great! 🙂
    Just wanted to let you know that I have started a new blog where I focus more on writing.

    As I am not a native speaker and have a lot of room to improve I would love your feedback every now and then.

    Have a nice week ahead!


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