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Snippets of My Week #7

 Perfect Girl Date card that I keep in my stash. Photo c/o The Social Type
While doing my Snippets I realized they are all about time with girlfriends.  This is perfect since rumor has it that International Women’s Friendship Month is well under way.  These are some of the new adult friends I referred to in last week’s post.  In no particular order, this is how I’ve enjoyed the week with them.
This is my view looking up from the bench I sat at with Tête-à-Tête having the most honest three hour conversation about relationships (friendship, marriage, dating, courtship, mothers and daughters) in a long time.  To say that I may have gotten a bit of whip lash from knocking my head back so much from laughing is an understatement.  There was a steady rotation of familiar passers by sitting on the neighboring bench or hanging back under the tree near us.  I do not think this was incidental.  I do believe some of the men who returned while their families were eating, shopping, and strolling were eavesdropping while “on their phones”.  We didn’t care.
If you are a woman, and you have girlfriends, you know exactly what type of hilarity ensued from the kinds of privately raunchy and honest conversations only woman can produce together.
Some people really don’t change.  Time passes, people become parents and they are still the same kids who shocked and shook us up with their candor years before.  It is just that now, years later as true women, Tête-à-Tête is even better at dropping my jaw to the floor, and I absolutely love it.
Hers and hers granola at Jane on Fillmore
My girl date with @Fluxi over a “quick coffee” extended way beyond a late lunch.  We got along very naturally and had much to discuss.  As a blogger, I have a true admiration for her photography, her neighborhood guides, and her recipes on her blog, Fluxi On Tour.   After a brief chat at Create + Cultivate in L.A. last month, I was happy to have a chance to sit with her to hear her story, her creative process, and her longer term goals.  To meet a blogger with a work ethic and aesthetic sensibility I understand and hope to achieve myself tells me that I am on the right track.
Lessons learned:
Have passion – yes
Be genuine – always
Discipline is imperative.
Even if Nobody Reads anything that one does, it must always be professional.
The THURSDAY before last …
The darling @AbacusRow took me out for a celebratory detox salad and indulgent Krispie treat (yes I cheated- for sure there’s butter)  at Blue Barn Gourmet.  I love an impromptu midday date, but know I should not let these whims get in the way of a blogging/ work at home day.  Luckily on my birthday I was as free as I pleased, after a bit of shopping and a facial (but of course!).  We met  a year ago when I ordered last year’s birthday present from her at the Renegade Craft Fair ’13 and now this talented designer is one of the inspiring new friends who understands the creative chaos that resides in my mind.
Time for cocktails with Editor Eye once again, and the drinks at The Cavalier did not disappoint.  We actually talked about the ‘girl date’ as she was awaiting the arrival of a woman she’d met during her lunch break downtown.  “Men do not do this, do they? Ask other dudes out for a drink or salad?”  we laughed at the thought.  My husband can hardly commit to drinks with coworkers, much less wanting to make an effort to try out new guy-acquaintance-relationships for cocktails on a Friday night.  Their loss, I suppose.  Girls = 1; boys = 0.
FleurdeSel knows the way to my heart is a carrot coconut birthday cake.
Fleur de Sel and I talked about booking a double date with our mates for a while now, and finally it happened at the delicious Doc Rickettes.  Perhaps guys can do the man acquaintance date only with their wives in tow.  Here I am smiling at Mr. Fleur de Sel across the table as he and his lovely wife sang sweetly after the dairy free, gluten free, soy free carrot coconut cake she and I are obsessed with from Mariposa Bakery was presented. Husband took this picture.  Instant classic, I would say.
Toffifay and I met up with my old co-teachers all the way in Mountain View at the Google campus where Teacher Birdie now works.  These bikes were begging to be ridden around the parking lot at the very least.  Since it was the end of the evening we spun around in the dark and I remembered why kids are completely fixated on the tricycles at school – you want to go further, faster, and challenge your friends.  I then slowed down after I imagined running Teacher Birdie into a lamp post by accident.  Even the loudest bike bell won’t prevent a disaster like that.
How was your week?  And a side note, if you are one of the people having a hard time leaving a comment on my blog (I really don’t know what to do about that yet), please email me directly!  Our conversation needn’t end just because the site is temperamental!


  1. What a fun week! Love those girl dates! I’m hoping my Uncork retreats will be an avenue to breed new lady friendships across the country. Thanks for your interest. I’ll keep you updated!

    xx Christie

    • Hi Christie! It’s so important to come together with our lady friends, old AND new. I am looking forward to hearing more about it and I am so glad to have you here! Welcome and thanks for being part of the conversation and community!

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