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Snippets of My Week #6

My time as of late, has been spent getting my brain and attitude into gear.  I had needed to clear out my head, entertaining one thing at a time.   My blog, it seems, is back on my front burner.  
The Makeshift Society mixer at Alternative Apparel introduced me to more members of this community that I am embarrasingly inactive in.  I had a fantastic basil gimlet, the recipe for which I still am hoping to get, met a truly too-cool-to-be-my-friend-but-I-really-think-she-could-be photographer, ordered a custom piñata from a creative cutie whose resume I covet, found out about C2C Project Space,  met an independent game developer who called me out on my self criticism, connected with a stationer for a studio visit, met a gal whose penchant for gift wrapping and snail mail rivals my own (at least it rivals the abilities I have in my head), was introduced to a vibrant girl whose blog I didn’t know about then (but do now) and her sweet little Noodle, and finally met Rena Tom herself. No, I didn’t lose my sh*t – I can be composed and classy, you know?   There are some good vibes going on at Makeshift, it’s time to do some work and hang out at the clubhouse.   Meeting these cool creative people reminded me that the time is now, and my place in it is right here.  I am already in the community.  What am I waiting for? 
Woke up early on Labor Day, got the glasses ready and went to work.  Let’s do this! Little did I remember that before I can develop stronger material I have a lot of mental and physical clutter to wade through.  This is hard to ignore when even stickers start feeling like a burden.  It’s not my well that needs maintanence, I said to myself, it’s my attitude that does.
This was a very “business centered” day for me, with all energy and focus going to my blog.  My Brainstorming Breakfast with my new friend, Lila of -Lingering Daydreams- came just an hour after a free online class tackling voice and blog personality with Jeff Goins.  I was “in the zone” as I had wanted to be for a while now, but needed  external mojo to wack the weeds out of my head.  Time is spent wisely when you get a small but hearty helping of blog buddy support to differentiate between the worthy and the wasteful ideas that fill your notebooks in the day and haunt your dreams at night.  Lila and I instantly got along at Blog Party last July, and had been looking forward to this breakfast for a while, the first of many regular Brainstorming Breakfasts for sure, and the start of a fun collaboration this fall, fingers crossed! Meeting at Heartbaker, a sweet coffee shop & bakery in the Inner Richmond, her little guy and I immediately fell for each other. Pheromones.  Strong pheromones. 
So lucky I was to finally have dinner at Kin Khao with Editor’s Eye, who advised me with the mind of a marketer and the heart of a mentor.  When your perspective is validated by someone you respect you can finally exhale but now are aware that your next breath no longer has room for your excuses stemming from self doubt.  Again, my lesson is how to do things differently.  I should take my cue from Chef Pim.  Thai Rabbit Curry?  I admire how she thought to serve up flavorful dishes that are both different and comforting.  It IS possible to succeed at being innovative yet familiar.
I have never met a craft station I didn’t like. They always get my juices flowing. This simple set up at Brit & Co.’s MakeShop downtown just called out for playing but I had things to do.  I was enroute to meet Teacher M at Mariposa Bakery for ‘Eat An Extra Dessert Day’.  Not even their basket of washi tape could stop me.  Priorities, you see.  The Viennese Tea Cookies hardly made it to dinner time, much less dessert.  The croissant and the cinnamon roll barely made it completely out of the bag before I gobbled them up.   Fuel for the mind waits for noone.  Lord knows mine needed it.
So, of COURSE I won …
… I NEEDED to win the State Bird Provisions reservation giveaway from Emily of The JetSetting Fashionista.  I had not yet dined at this casual Michelin starred restaurant.  There was no way I would ever wait outside for two hours with the hopes of snatching a table nor can I think  90 days ahead for a midweek reservation.  But to slip right in with a perfect last minute Friday night slot?  How could one not enter Emily’s easy contest? 
I make way too many concessions with my restrictions when we go out to eat, but here, not only did the servers know exactly what I could have, but they even marked up a cheat sheet for me so I would be prepared as each cart rolled by.  Fowl, beef, pork, fish, and of course grains and veggies, there was more than plenty to share and enjoy with our wine and complimentary bubbles as amends for seating us thirty minutes late.  It was so good that any inconvenience, which was really none at all, was easily forgotten.
Saturday and Sunday
Prepping pretty paper details ruled my weekend in shades of pink, peach, and gold.  Putting together party pieces from scratch are too fun for me to pass up, but I will use the assistance of a little pom pom kit and beautiful banner box.  They coordinate all too well and will decrease my chances of getting manic over accurate measurements at one o’clock in the morning.
Was it a coincidence that my project elements matched the sequined Vanessa Bruno bag I toted them around in all day?   Even my cousin’s wedding invitation I tossed in from the mailbox matched nicely, as all wedding mail does.   It made for a delightful photo when I got home.  Beauty is everywhere.

Monday (Today)
As we waited for our table last Friday night and caught up with what’s going on in our lives and things on the horizon,  I recall Mrs. K saying, “It’s nice that you’re a blogger.”  I smiled and shrugged it off in response.  I have no idea what I am doing, I wanted to tell her.  I do and I don’t.  I am finding my way, but I know this applies to all people from most any field.
As I realized last Tuesday, it is my attitude that needs the maintenance above most other things.  I have to stop killing possibility with panic.  With that, I look at what I have going on around and ahead of me after recapping my week.  She’s right. If she were to say “It’s nice that you’re a blogger” on this Monday morning I would reply definitively, 
“Yes, it sure is.”

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  1. Let me say that your life just sounded so glamorous. And I am at the point where I need the friend / mentor who can help me find myself in myself. I felt slight envy there BP, I won't deny it. But I also get the “I don't know what I'm doing” line too.
    Congratulations on all that you've accomplished and what you are yet to have happen.
    Love to you and yours,

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