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Snippets of My Week #5

Waking up at 4:00 a.m. from a car alarm is par for the course as a city dweller.  I thought it would never stop, after the first five intense minutes, then eventually slipped into an urban state of sleep.  At 6:50 a.m., I rose from bed hungry for two things:  another shot at R.E.M.  and thick cut bacon.  
Your wish is granted.  Bacon IS healthy.  Birthday card c/o Paper Source. Effect c/o PicStitch

7:10, 7:40, 8:00 … the clock ticked on when a reminder from good old Soul Cycle, my remote workout buddy and keeper of good sense, came in at 8:04 a.m. reading, “Good Morning!  9:00 Barre …. GO!”  I did want to go to Barre Mix, mind you.  I had planned my day around it, but I couldn’t shake that aching’ for bacon.   There are days like today, or rather weeks like this week, when a person just wants what she wants and it can feed her mind and body better than what “should” work.  
Breakfast on Instagram. Yes, there was another class at 5:30p.m. but I passed on it for the right reason …
Anthology, Sweet Paul, & Kinfolk  Oh how I love thee.
I always say #ItsTheLittleThings that make me smile, so lots of little things at once feel like my birthday three weeks early!   
A typical post-work walk through the neighborhood called for a peak into Smoke Signals and The Half Off store where I grabbed some current and back issues of magazines that I absolutely need to catch up on.   I was elated to carry them in my arms, as heavy as a toddler, and at this moment, almost as valuable.  I am tapping into my magazine writing brain (I know I have one- just need to coax her out)
After mailing my giveaway Sweet Treat to my winner, Lucky Laura,  I found a wonderfully water colored three sheet thank you note from a blog friend just chilling in my P.O. Box.  Balancing six magazines and a handful of cuttings that I have been rooting at school did not stop me from tearing open my envelope in front of the post office.  I even squealed!   
We go to Los Angeles often enough, though we stay primarily in Santa Monica unless driving seventeen miles south to settle Husband’s fix for Mongolian barbecue.  Hitting downtown LA was eye-opening at the Create + Cultivate conference at the Ace Hotel.  With Darling Magazine as a cohost, I absolutely had to go, buying my ticket on a whim after catching a tweet announcing their involvement while on vacation in July.  I will write more about my conference experience over the weekend, but what I will share now is how beautiful DTLA is with the architecture, the bars, the artsy shops and the old school vibe.  I will be back, L.A.  Perhaps not wearing my James Franco onesie, but I’ll be back.
An oversized swimsuit that’s too good to swim in.  Swag bag brilliance c/o Clashist

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