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Get Happy – A Snail Mail Social

My Pinterest addiction for cute packages and kawaii paper products borders on slightly obsessive.  “Post more!  Share more!  I want to see more cute pictures of happy mail!”  I shout to the computer screen late at night when I cannot sleep.  So here is my very first #HappyMailHappyHour held at JamaRoo Kids Studio in Lower Pacific Heights for a small group of paper addicts and card collectors.  The studio space is still bright and cheery after hours, perfect for gathering a gaggle of gals or bevy of bloggers before the weekend begins! What a fun time we had last Thursday evening .

Photos by @BeachCrabPhotography and @_lovelyletters_

 A love of stationery means a love of playing with gorgeous cards pressed, painted, and printed by a variety of makers, made even more personal with our own special touches.  Seeing how each guest personalized her mail for mom, sister, friends, and her beau was enough to make anyone remember how precious a piece of mail can be.  Why not send a letter today or stick a note in somebody’s pocket and add a bit of extra pizzaz?  Particular encouragement and inspiration for this party came from Egg Press and Hello Lucky’s joint venture #write_on.  Learn more about it here.

Heads down and concentrate!  Moments of silence between all of the laughter and chatter- writing is the focus.

Egg Press/ Hello Lucky #write_on cards, Julie Ann Art cracking us up, RockScissorPaper keeping it sweet and sunny.  Photos by @BeachCrabPhotography and @_lovelyletters_

Our group of lovely ladies played with an assortment of cards by my friends at Rock Scissor PaperJulie Ann ArtPennie PostMint Chip Inkb-spiredInk and Smog EditionsEgg Press and Hello Lucky.  We washi-taped, stamped, drew, strung, and stuck to our hearts’ content with a collection of colored pens and paper pieces (origami hearts, tags, stickers, baby envelopes, etc.) taking it from regular mail to Happy Mail!  Thank you to Beach Crab Photography for the photos as well as to my great guests for sharing their positive energy and pictures.

Assorted cards.  Awesome in attendance: Pooja Dang and venue hostess Jamaica Stevens with moi.  Photos c/o @MontgomeryFest, @reginaelaine_ (here with her creations) and @BeachCrabPhotography

What I enjoyed most about this event was seeing how much fun each guest had due to the warmth of the environment and the chemistry of the ladies.  Everyone wrote at least three notes or cards for loved ones and that makes it a happy mail day for me knowing somebody’s mailbox will have something extra special in it this week because of this party!  Hooray hooray!  Granted, I did not get to sit long enough to make anything of my own, but I will get cracking later in the week before I hit Create + Cultivate in L.A. this weekend.
In my next post I will show you what delectable treats we had during this happy hour and the goodies each participant brought home.  A lucky reader here on my blog may even win a Happy Mail Happy Hour box of his/ her own.  Let’s see each other then, shall we?


  1. Love. Snail Mail is the best. Especially when it's not bills. ..but if the bills came in Kawaii paper I would be more pleasant about opening them.

  2. Oh I wish I could have been there!! You are seriously the BEST, I still have my letter which I will treasure forever. I am sorry you have found one of my weaknesses — snail mail. If only I were closer you could help me overcome this bad habit. …. I still have all of the handwritten thank you notes from my wedding —– 10 years ago!!!

  3. Happy for your vision coming true. I so love this event concept (paper girl too) and it looks like you pulled it off so well. Congratulations.

  4. Thanks Maggie! Was a pretty charming event! How fun if you were there! Pfff… BOS-SFO, piece of cake!

  5. I think that should be a requirement especially with tuition notices, property taxes, etc. How much more pleasant would that be?

  6. Oh Stacy, I am not surprised you still have it all! I am so happy you kept the letter I sent you. It will not be the last, I assure you! The wedding details though… that is impressive!

  7. Thank you Shalagh! You are always so supportive! Looking forward to seeing your upcoming events too! I know it''ll be great!

  8. Lila, it was have been amazing to have you there! Was sad to miss you too! Next time for sure, okay??? Thank you!

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