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I Want Water Not Chocolate

Had the funniest twitter chat just now with IGidol about the lack of drinking water on airplanes. While reading her article on travel essentials over the weekend I laughed out loud when I read the line,  “Would it kill flight attendants to serve a little more water than a mere half-plastic-cup full?” I can’t tell you how I always wondered why on earth the flight attendant only fills my 4 oz plastic cup barely half full before coming around to offer four more glugs 2 hours later?  Oftentimes I will drink the water as soon as I get the cup in my hands and ask for a refill as soon as she is done pouring my seat mate’s Coke.  Oh, by the way, why do people who order juice and soft drinks get a full can while water drinkers get a dribble?  It makes no sense!  Can you please just give me a one liter bottle and call it a day?  I promise not to startle you next time you walk down the aisle holding a pitcher of water and hail you down like a crazy baby ready for her next feeding.

It would have been fine if this were not a full flight. It would have been easier if it weren’t a midnight flight. It would make sense if it were a 30 minute flight. But no. It was a 12 hour flight. Non stop. This was after a 1.5 hour delay. No joke. That was after checking in 3.5 hours early in under 20 minutes. Calgon, take me away! My carry on was stuffed to the brim with chocolate and polvoron, a powdery sweet Filipino treat. I also had my one remaining bag of Trader Joe’s Crunchy Curls from my two week visit to see mom. But no water. Not a drop. Oh, I did try to bring some on the plane, I assure you. I bought four bottles after clearing TSA, but for some reason at the airport in Manila they would not allow any of us to bring our own beverages on the plane. Another passenger said to me, “If I am drinking from the bottle I bought at the vendor facing the third round of security screeners, obviously it really IS water.” Denied. So denied. So disappointed. So dehydrated.

It’s definitely a different experience riding in a different cabin, but alas, I cannot justify the huge price difference at this point in my life.  Once in a while, but when the upgrade costs as much as the roundtrip economy fare, a roundtrip that I will be taking again in another three to four months, I just can’t do it.  One day though – when this day (click here) comes. Until then, at least I have something to write about.

Have you been traveling?  I am sure it’s been great, but any other nuances that really get your goat?<

Extra special reader note for the day: Thanks for coming by.  I know there is a lot for you to do and other blogs to read, but you came here, and hopefully this isn't your first time, nor, ideally, will it be your last.   I do like having you read and engage.  I like knowing when I run into you at a party or when we get together at lunch, or when we see each other on IG or Twitter that what I've written matters to you.  It matters to me, which is why I do it.  But knowing that this blog is fun for you too makes even missing water on a plane kind of … not an issue.  Kind of…. not entirely!


  1. I don't travel again until next month ad that will only be a 2 hour flight, 12 hours must be brutal and a full glass of water is the least you deserve. Id say you deserve a medal!

  2. I will graciously accept that medal on behalf of our dehydrated sisters & brothers! Thank you for that!!! Have a nice trip!!!

  3. I have ALWAYS wondered about this!! Its part of my flying routine to get a giant bottle of water as soon as I bypass security no matter the length of the flight. I plan to buy two for my upcoming SFO—>LHR trip!! ❤

  4. Caity! I love London! How exciting! Yes, you must arrive hydrated and ready to rock your bright and healthy American complexion as soon as you touch down! Have a great trip! I will be following along, so take lots of pictures!

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