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A Gal, A Blog, and Her Pictures

Behind the pictures is the gal writing this blog
while behind this blog is 
the gal taking the pictures.
Some time ago, my Chicago based bloggy friend, domesticatedesk, encouraged me to start matching up my posts with a picture taken from my point of view to help illustrate a theme, in place of relying on Google and Bing Image searches to help support my content.  Of course I had a friendly point of contention:  Where will I take a picture of an old couple arguing if that is what will perfectly illustrate my life as a wife frustration at 9pm?  Why fret when there are definitely stock photos of a flaky croissant for free use because I already ate all of mine, thus my need for said croissant photo?  If I think I am at my wit’s end from overwhelming annoyance and stress, who best to provide a visual than Kristin Wiig? Using stock imagery has allowed me the freedom to write about topics in mind even though they lack a visual presence in my life.  I have visions of how I would like certain words to translate in a picture, and knowing they are a click away from being legally used with proper credit, then why not?This is not to say that I did not wish deep down inside that I had an eye that others could understand.    My voice, somehow, was one thing I am happy enough with that I want to write either way.  My eye, on the other hand, my sense of how I perceived things visually … that was something I feared was uninteresting.  Domesticatedesk wrote in her email that there must be a unique way that I can see things that was worth looking into.   Learning how to maximize the use of my iPhone camera from Sarah Deragon  at Makeshift Society last year was the turning point for me.  There are ways for  a story to be told without words and without fancy equipment.  This was the lesson I gathered coming from this professional photographer.  With the advent of my Instagram account (follow me @blogger_bp), I have been able to see my life in those small moments that tell these every day stories.  This makes me appreciate the day to day even more, while providing me new ways to write varied organic content that I sometimes share here.

Who would have thought that sharing personal pictures would become an ingredient in my blog life? Without them, I would not have my little community of kid snugglers, late night crafters, weekend bakers, healthy (and not so healthy) eaters, cocktail shakers, beach breathers, paper hoarders, picnic goers, beauty product obsessors and fashion twirlers.  Before I started taking and sharing everyday pictures, I thought I was strange for being lost in the lines of a building and being swept up in the negative space of the sky behind parted branches even though I am not a professional photographer nor a trained designer.  Now that I have a place to look at pictures throughout the day, I can see a painter’s collection coming together, a calligrapher’s hand becoming more adept at her art, and a blog friend’s baby growing and smiling at the camera for the first time.

I love it though.  I love all of it.  And now, I am so happy to share, am so happy to look, happy to discover and happy to surprise myself with what I see either behind my iPhone lens or behind the pictures that are posted by someone else.  I never have had a shortage of people around me in my life, but with this blog and now with these pictures, no matter what time it is, or how old I get, I feel like I never will.

This is how it began.  My classmates from iPhoneography 101 at Makeshift Society, San Francisco.  Thanks, Sarah!



  1. When we do what we love, who knows what doors it opens for those willing to listen, Sarah! Thanks again!

  2. Hello Amy! I've missed you! Thanks a lot. Coming from you, this means so much to me. Am glad this personal photo element adds and doesn't take away! It has been a growth process for sure!

  3. I agree that using your own photos would deepen the enchantment that is this blog.

  4. Thank you for that encouragement. Your opinion means more to me than you can imagine, Lori!

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