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Coffee Table Lunch

Two days later, I woke up craving fried chicken, but the next best thing I could think of was to dredge the cod fillet in my refrigerator with chana besan and whip up a salad from the fantastic greens grown in our school yard garden that I picked the afternoon before.  I was HUNGRY and it was only 10am.  Luckily my neighbor has a hearty appetite thanks to nursing her little one, so we plopped around the coffee table and dug right in.
 Cod sticks & garlic aioli. Avocados & greens. Homemade pesto atop quinoa pasta.  Red peppers & hummus. Before noon.
Excuses.  I believe not having my bags sorted out is excusable since they don’t get in the way of the fun of having friends over.  Now the excuse for needing the bags in the first place?  Like I said, some more thought and another post altogether for that one, I suppose!
Have a great start to your summer!  Can you believe it?  Clearly I am way behind on spring clearing, not cleaning.  Perhaps this summer I will finally be able to catch up!  That is, until I think of something else I’d rather do that simply gets in the way of bagging these bags.

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