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It Started Out Promising

The day started out promising and though it is only 2:00pm, I am already feeling like the day has swallowed me up logistically.  Had my things to do list all set.  All easy.  All attainable.  And then a phone call from my ticket agent has yet to be returned, a piece of paper with important info has gone missing, my breakfast frittata had some weird oily gunk in it (and I made it myself, go figure!). My in-case-of-emergency-anti-anxiety-flight-meds which I carry as a security blanket and haven’t used in a very long time has expired and I have a trip in a few days… my vitamins this morning made me puke, and I woke up at 3am and didn’t fall back asleep til 5:30 for no good reason. When I DID wake up, I was on my face – pillow case lines, numb hands, bad mood.  Good Morning.

Just now I found out that the security installation team for the building locked their box of individual spare apartment access keys in one of the apartments.  Really?  What do you think I can do about it just because I am home? I thought as the security system rep stammered hoping that I would magically give birth to a new set of keys.

Did I mention I apparently have been wearing my shirt backwards today too?  Yeah.  Like that.  I mean…..  come on …

For Throwback Thursday I tweeted an old post I did two years ago today, and who knew….  it was just one of those days back in 2012 as well! My post was called, It Could Certainly Be Worse, which makes me laugh right now because it IS true.  It certainly could be, because don’t I already know that there are far worse days to be had?

Okay, Thursday… time to turn you (and my shirt) around.


  1. BP, I enjoy a good summary of a day gone wonky. A very accomplished writer told me recently that the wedding is successful when something goes wrong. Because then it's memorable and a good story is what we want to be able to tell. Life happens in our mishaps and our stories.
    Love to ya'

  2. That's such helpful insight , Shalagh! So true, I think. Thank you for that as always!

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