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Snippets of My Week(s) #4

On AltChat yesterday, I mentioned that by telling some small stories behind my Instagram pics, there is a little peak into bp behind the writing.  Follow me @blogger_bp to join in the fun! 
This Snippets of My Week series has been fun for me and I am happy to hear you like it too. I am behind on my snippets, with pictures and stories collected over the course of two weeks.  Who knows what I see or hear will make me write about next, but at least my snippets give you a look into the things in life that this gal is sweet on ….  speaking of which…
Talk about sweet.  Not only is this a collection of yummies, but these were all little treats I received from friends in a week.  Gluten free?  Check!  Dairy free?  Double check!  Surprise sweets are even sweeter when they are from thoughtful, loving people.  And that giant slice of baby shower cake to celebrate one of my best gals?  I couldn’t eat it (okay, maybe just a tiny bite and a lick), but at least the frosting matched my necklace.  Can you say photo op? 
This Bob loves Bob’s Donuts, it is no secret.  Though I can’t eat them anymore, I still stay loyal, buying boxes for friends, passing by the window to admire their treats and wearing an official Bob’s Donuts t-shirt when I go to sleep or am out of town!  It is no surprise then, that I flipped when I saw this box of birthday yumminess in the faculty room for a co teacher.
Brett Amory’s installation,  donut box and all.  I wish I met him at the opening. c/o Hashimoto Contemporary Gallery
Or when at Art Market two weeks ago, I easily identified the subject of this large scaled installation from the Hashimoto Contemporary Gallery one would be tempted to walk right into.  “It’s the store front of Bob’s Donuts,”  I exclaimed.  “Yes,” the proprietor smiled.  “Yes, it is Bob’s.”
Original work from ArtMarket.  So many more I loved, but here are just a few of my favorites.

Due to the generosity of my new friend I referred to here,  I received a complimentary 3 day pass for Art Market at Fort Mason.  Attending the opening night was wonderful, such a vibrant crowd of contemporary art makers and lovers of all kinds.  There was so much to see that one really would need more than one evening to properly go through the entire show, but I was busy that weekend and not able to return after that first night.  So is life!  I discovered a few local galleries that I did not know about previously.  How great it is to have new places to check out when the mood strikes in San Francisco.  Discovering new art is so nourishing, isn’t it?



Hallelujah! I finally used this card on top of making new ones!  Crafting & cracking up with our friends… the best.
I hadn’t co-hosted a baby shower in a few years, but this was the perfect foray back in for my lovely gal pal, recipient of the frosty cake above.  I’ve known this group of girls since high school on another continent.  As adults together in California, we share old memories and similar new challenges.  Life certainly changes, but when you are lucky, love and laughter remain the same no matter what country you are in.
Clockwise from top left:  Off the Grid, Absinthe, Aliment, &  Cotogna.  Sipping in San Francisco.

It’s not just about the drinks as it is about the company.  A nice environment is required too be it four o ‘clock or  six o’clock.  Whether under a chandelier during dinner, or under some string lights before midnight, it’s like…. why not?  Life is good.  Cheers.

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