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Snippets of My Week #3

Sometimes the mind doesn’t cooperate, even after writing for close to 14 or 15 hours on one post over two days.  Upside:  I always have my snippets to recharge the batteries!
Enjoy my Snippets from the week that was … and I will be back guns blazing tonight, or tomorrow- at some point… come back, okay???
Toffifay and our Furbish Studio piñatas!
There are few things that make us laugh more than seeing our little penguin getting his fiesta on for Cinco de Mayo.
I still let loose, but it’s different in my 30s.  Click here for my post on My Thirty Spot.
While in my last year as a 30-something, I still have time to write about life from this perspective.  Erin Kennedy’s Love for 30 Project is just the venue for a post like that. My contribution was published on My Thirty Spot that morning. Click here.
+ + +
The Thistle Juice bar at StudioMix.
My intentions were honorable, but maybe I shouldn’t have thought eating only half of a banana all morning and pushing myself at a 1pm Barre Mix class would offset a glutenizing fried chicken binge from the night before.  This is my view, having had to leave mid-session, dizzy, & crashing in the lounge while wishing the juice bar were not closed until mid May.   Lärabar to the rescue.
A familiar candy dish awaited me at the office of my trusted therapist.  I am not the first person to come to mind when you think of anxiety off the bat.  A person cannot think and write the way I do and be as engaged in life and with as many people as I am without the nerves and thoughts getting rattled now and again.  Because I know where to get the support and guidance I need during tougher times, I can be the best version of me.   So this candy dish, with its rotating selection of goodies, is a welcome sight.
Works as seen at the Meyerovich Gallery and the Magic Ring analyzer at the SK II Popup Shop in Union Square.
City living is fun because you can walk home and pop into a gallery and discover new work, or into a pop up shop and get your skin analyzed.  How else would I have scored my complimentary VIP pass to ArtMarket  (yay!) or learned that my skin is only at 53% of what it should be for my ethnicity and age (boo!)?  I am  still  committed to maintaining my updated skincare routine and green smoothies,  no matter what those stats say.
+ + +
Temperamental elevators are never worth the risk.  I always say, just take the stairs. The extra steps counted towards Charity Miles anyway. Get the app!  Where was I headed?  To the Dress For Success San Francisco volunteer orientation.  I will be able to slip in some hours here and there to help with organizing suiting inventory and to serve as a personal shopper for our women who are ready to get a job, keep that job and move on to the next step.  We can all do our part! There are more ways to help!  Will you join me? Learn more here.
+ + +
I snagged a last minute spot on Alt For Everyone, the online version of Alt Summit where bloggers talk shop with sponsors, learn tricks from our favorite seasoned pros,   get organized, and connect with more members of the blogging community.  I had to double Mac it, as I didn’t have a hard copy of the handout before class started. You need your home printer to be actually working in order to do that.  Oy vey!  I sat all day taking notes and participating in the live chat on our MacBook Pro, while simultaneously following the pdf and checking out attendees’ blogs on my Macbook Air.
c/o Oh Happy Day
I have been a big fan and follower of Oh Happy Day for a while now!  When Jordan put up her post about her Letterpress Craft Night earlier this month, I smiled knowing that I was there.  When I scrolled down further and saw a picture of me included in the post, I was elated.  I am just in a stock photo -the unnamed attendee- whose shirt likely just happened to be a good enough color for inclusion in the layout, but who cares?  I am on Oh Happy Day- in a photo taken by Paul Ferney!  So happy!  Hooray me!
Later that evening I  attended the Mommie Makeover Event hosted by the Well Woman herself, Phyllis Timoll.  She is a holistic wellness  & nutrition coach for mothers who are  reclaiming their health. How great is that?  This shopping party was full of sweet mamas who were raring to change up their wardrobes with the help of the top notch Ambiance staff.  To share the feel good/ look good vibe,’  I donated a raffle prize for a lucky client care of the Cosmetics Department of BarneysNY, San Francisco.  The winner also gets a consultation with my makeup artist, the fabulous CoutureStyle.  Anything to support the beauty and strength of our fellow ladies, and anything for my gal, Phyllis.
+ + +
But of course, it’s Friday.  Not like there was any pressure, but if I planned to sit much longer at our dinner table, I knew I would have to knock one (or two?) back sooner or later.
+ + +
Password. creation. hell.  #ihatetheinternet
+ + +
Though I am thoughtful, I am also scatter brained.  Thank you a million times over to the gorgeousness that is  Valley Brink Road.  It was true luck that I grabbed a down-to-the-wire-last-minute Mother’s Day box.  Never will I do that again.  Do not attempt this yourself.  It was pure timing and luck of the draw.  I am one of Barrett’s followers on IG, so I commented, tweeted, and emailed my desperate cry out for help to her the morning before.  She was my first and only choice before going the traditional FTD route.  Her sweet and prompt (within minutes) replies won me over even more.  How easy to work with her this way.  I wish I lived in L.A. and had money to spare for a party catered and styled by this stylin’ chef.
I am still the reigning favorite daughter-in-law … okay, it helps that my mom-in-law only has one son.  But still… I rock harder now because of this killer box of cool.  #ilovetheinternet
+ + +


  1. Lol. LOVED this post! So much good info and interesting things for me to check out. I heard about Dress for Success but didn't know one could help out! Am definitely going to check out the link. Alt sounds awesome too. Would love to meet other bloggers in some sort of community.

    Thanks for sharing! 🙂


  2. Jen, thanks for this comment! Yes, these little snippets do hold a lot of info! Do check out what interests you! ALT has been instrumental in my growth as a blogger. It is an incredible community that offers so much important education and support for bloggers of all sizes. I am happy that you are interested in Dress for Success. Sign up for their next monthly orientation meeting where Gia will explain what they do and how you can help! As a fashion blogger, there is a direct and obvious way for you to help 😉 Thank you for visiting and I hope you get to check out my other posts!!

  3. The BP app stands for Busiest Person. It helps you cram as much stuff into your schedule as is humanly possible. I really admire the Dress For Success goal. And your mother in law got a very nice (daughter-in-law and) present for mother's day.

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