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If These Shoes Could Talk

My intention was to buy a top.  A top for my new spring pants.  Walking past the shoe salon proved challenging.  I poked around to jog my memory for what to pull from my own shoe closet.  We all know it never ends there.  It hardly ever does end at looking, does it?

If these shoes could talk, they’d say:

I go with everything.

Barre and Pilates classes, even if taken four days a week, won’t get you standing taller than I can.

Yes, they WILL notice.

Does it really matter whether or not you can stand around or dance comfortably in me? After a few drinks, you won’t care.

Even if you  convince yourself I am similar to another pair you have, you want me anyway.

I don’t cost THAT much.

Yes, you deserve it.

Well that settles that, doesn’t it?


  1. I like the angle you used to approach this piece. Man, I need to get my food talking. And use your own photos more. Love that shoe shot.

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