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Snippets of My Week #2

I must admit, this past week was an emotional doozy for me. I needed to call in reinforcements.  My mind and nerves were rearranged like a Rubix cube, but there were many sources of happiness that  I outright sought for which I am thankful.  As SoulCycle always reminds me when we chat, “Remember those little moments, because you will always find them.”
Take a look at my moments from the past week, in this case:
Snippets of What Made Me Happy
I am in love with happy mail.  Just the thought of it makes me smile from ear to ear.  I love to receive it but I get a real kick (the good kind) in creating and sending it.   This week I sent out a few candy grams to some blog mentors.  Chocolate makes everything sweeter!
When you are surprised your shoe box holds actual shoes, you know you have a problem.  I have paper tucked into several bins, drawers and shoe boxes.   They hold stickers …  and ribbon … washi tape, tools,  pens, markers, glitter, glue, decorative clips, string, etc.  I have an accordion folder just for cards and scrap paper.  I have tiny boxes for ribbon scraps and for half completed tags.  But when I can’t decide on what to make or do first, THIS happens… click here for Instagram photo. 
Hhhhhelllloooo  LLLLoooooovvvvveerrrrrrr …  a girl can dream…
Speaking of shoe boxes, I’d die if I ever put a box holding these babies in my closet.  Nothing flat about these fantasy Louboutain flats!  I happily tried them on but my wallet is happier knowing I had the resolve to walk away (in my summer espadrilles…  Oh well).
The elements of a naturally polished look.  Thanks to CoutureStyle Sheyla, my makeup guru.
Every girl should “brush up” on her makeup brush skills especially when she’s got a pro to guide her! #solucky #justusethedamnbrush
Top:  @blogger_bp and Jordan at the machine; Bottom:  swag bag and the finished cards!
I have been a huge fan of letterpressed cards since working at Union Street Papery years ago.  The craft, the design, the color, and the feel of it makes me so happy.  I was looking forward to this crafty class with blog idol, Jordan Ferney, for weeks!  She did not disappoint!  Oh Happy Day, indeed!

Must be accepting of dilemmas of course, but seeing it from the outside sometimes puts a funny spin on things.
My iPhone is my friend.  But it is also my enemy.  Not living in the same timezones as my mom or my sister means that email and text messages regarding tedious details, information and pressing management issues come in as early as 4:30 a.m. flowing until 8:00 a.m., and again at 10pm until midnight, when it’s time to sleep.  This is not an exaggeration. This morning after yet another stressful message, I thought I’d document my experience and now I can have a small laugh about it too.  Being able to find humor in things makes me happy.
The 3Lab Treatment Room at BarneysNY San Francisco set the stage for the perfect facial.
After feeling only half human in mind and body for days, I was brought back to the softest, calmest, firmest, most hydrated  I’ve been in a while to end my week thanks to the hands of Magical Maria. I have been devoted to the care of my skin for many many years, so a treatment bed is one of my truest happy places.  Even the hubby knows to send me out for a facial and neck rub when I am fried.  Maintenance is key.  #evenluckier

I hope your week shaped up to be happy too, with some moments that made little things shine bigger. Look for your moments this upcoming week.  We all have them.  



  1. Crafting, chocolate,and a facial? Your moments were front and center BP. Good on you!
    I will now consider these and how I will make them happen in my life too.
    Love to you and yours,

  2. Sorry it's been a crazy time!! Looks like you have been up to some awesome things though – cool class, spa treatments, shoe shopping. Your facial expressions say it all! Here's hoping for a better week ahead!

  3. Yes! Oftentimes the moments are right under our noses, and when they aren't we can make them happen, even in the smallest and silliest of ways!

  4. I can hear you saying that to me! Quite encouraging. Yes this week has been better! Will tell you in my next post!

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