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The Eyes Have Had It

“Stop making that face.”

Don’t squint.
Stop rolling your eyes.
Always sleep on your back.
Never rub your eyes even when they are itchy.
Remove all makeup before bed.  No exceptions.
Use non medicated eyedrops for dry eyes.
Use under eye cream.
Use under eye gel.
Use sunscreen under your eyes.
Don’t touch the area around your eyes.
Massage around your eyes.
Make sure you are gentle with your eyes.
Growing up my mother had warned me about my expressiveness potentially being hazardous for my looks.  I don’t do “poker face” very well.  My whole face moves while I talk, my lips curl when I am self conscious, my brows move up and down while I listen and I look every which way as I think.  I am now about the age my mom must have been when she started telling me to stop doing all of that, and frankly, I get it.  She was right.  No, it’s not because I have a daughter whose reactions drive me crazy, whose eye rolls push my buttons.  I agree because I am now in my late thirties, and my face, my eye area specifically, is starting to show its wear and tear.
When looking into the hand held mirror post facial (and by the way, we all know what damage can be done when peering into a magnifying hand held mirror), Ms. Meticulous gave me a bit of serum to pat under my eyes after I’d pointed out that they looked lighter but still tired.  When I showed her the leftover gel on my finger tip she said, “just pat it over your wrinkles, referring to the corners of my eyes (WHAT?!?!?) and there too, definitely on those small wrinkles,” pointing between my brows.  (excuse me? Gulp)
I wasn’t prepared for that.  I wasn’t prepared for being “there” yet.  I can deal with hyper pigmentation, or with adult breakouts, or dry patches, but wrinkles–  wrinkles that are not exactly obvious from an acceptable personal distance, but are evident enough to require some extra product, I was dumbfounded.  If my mind at that moment had a score, it would have been the sound of silence … and a few crickets…The following evening at the event celebrating Troy Surratt’s makeup line at BarneysNY, I was swiftly taken under the wing of CoutureStyle Sheyla. Now, I am well acquainted with concealer.  Though I agree with Bobbi Brown and most every other makeup artist out there that it is “the secret to the universe,”  I had to do a mental shift when I started feeling her light touch with Surratt Surréaliste Skin Concealer move from under my eye, in towards my bridge, and lightly up from the inner corner to about a third of the way onto my lid.  “Wow,” I thought to myself, “it’s come to this.”  

Therein lies the magic of makeup, therein lies the fun in cosmetics, you really can look the way you already feel, or want to feel with the right product, and when we are really lucky, with the touch of a skilled professional. The effect was more than pleasing.  I looked freshly polished with a kicked up smoked out eye thanks to her effortless wielding of the Surratt Smoky Eye Baton.  You can see the result on my IG account here (mind you I realize I was standing directly under an overhead light = shadows).I will embrace the addition of a wrinkle busting element to my routine, and accept that my concealing regimen now covers more real estate around my eyes.  I have to.  And I want to … because let’s face it, no matter how much we fret, don’t we ladies all think makeup and skincare is fun?  My eyes look back at themselves when I look in the mirror and more often than not, they look like they’ve had it, at least for now.  Time to start treating them even better.  I never see women at a makeup counter frowning when they buy new products.  Aren’t we always smiling, excited and laughing when we walk away?  Oh you don’t?  Well… you should!  Pouting won’t help.  Apprehension won’t wipe it away.So yes, my eyes may have had it. So let’s move on and play.  There are too many fun products and options out there to make this tedious for us. We may as well enjoy the challenge.  What do you use?  What advice have you followed all your life?  What do you think about your eye area?If you have no answers to share, maybe you need to come to the Marina tomorrow and find some!

What a coincidence!

Time to come out and play if you are a local San Francisco reader and want to talk eyes, skin care, colors, hair, etc.  in person!  It’s the beauty event I am co hosting with the fun loving Wannabe Fashion Blogger at The Social Beauty Company with 5% of all service and product sales going to Dress for Success San Francisco, tomorrow April 13 from 11-2pm.  A few free tickets may still be available here.  We are going to serve spring cocktails from BevMo and coffee, pastries and refreshments from our neighborhood buddies at LaBoulangerie Union and Hint Water.  And of course, there is a raffle.  It wouldn’t be a reader brunch bloggy style without one!  So what do you think?  Is it a date????


  1. Meanwhile, I'm still trying to decide if I really need eye cream. Some beauticians say it's completely unnecessary.

  2. Just try something light and gel based! You'll FEEL a difference! Why not??? I really believe in them 😉

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