Being, Homebody
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Lessons from My Laundry

If there is something that I have been figuring out this week (and aren’t I always figuring out something)   is that things seem to fall into place right when you take a breath.  I wonder if it’s the way laundry feels, being tousled and turned in the washing machine.   Front loaded or not, it is still disorienting for the clothes, even though it is supposed to be gentler than a conventional machine.  They get whipped around, first hot, then cold, drenched, drained, soaked, rinsed, and spun once more.  All in the effort of getting them clean and back to normal.  I wonder if the clothes are like me, knowing that the wash is a periodic part of life that gets us back to our cores while testing our strength and resilience.  Delicates or not, the laundry can’t wait for the drum to stop and for the long awaited time to hang out on the drying rack to commence.

Real time photo of my laundry drying on our trusted rack…the most relaxing period in their wash and wear lives.  Made with StudioDesign.
Before going back out into the world or stuffed into drawers, I am like that hanging laundry.  Laying still, stretching out, lying in the sun, or simply in a temperature controlled room.  I feel refreshed, I feel clean, I feel whole.  I look forward to that moment after the wild cyclone, and need to trust that the moment will always come.

Even socks get their moment of shavasana, at least in my world.

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