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I Am …

Hello February, and hello again to our Bold.  Brilliant.  Beautiful You Project!  Last month, I wrote my first post here including my very first selfie within my social media blogger life (FB excluded since that is a personal account).  I almost backed out of the project simply because I didn’t want to post a picture of myself here, but in the end I am happy that sense trumped reason and now dear friends, you have a face to the writer.
This month, we are to write “I AM…” statements.  As another bbby member put it, “I spend most of my time thinking about what I am not versus what and who I am.”  This exercise comes at the right time for me.

Today, let’s all think about who and what we are, no holds barred.   I hope that my list will not only help me own who I am today, but give you a launching point to help you think about how you see yourself.  I am interested to learn about who you are either in the comments or in your linked post (join the bbby blog hop below & the Facebook group) !

I  AM ….
… a writer even if nobody reads this.
 a daughter who is learning how to parent my own parent.
… a wife who is committed to sharing this adventure with her best friend.
… a sister by more than just blood.
… an auntie, mother figure, and nurturer to many.
… a game changer who is going to help change the world.
… your friend even though we haven’t met.
… stronger than I think I am.
 a teacher.
… an ambivert.
… creative … artistic … emotional … passionate 
… spiritual … vibrant … complicated … happy 
… kind … sincere … blessed  … funny … fortunate
I AM … created with StudioDesign by BP


I am every girl. I find something to admire, to cherish, and to hope for the girl in every woman. I am a big cheerleader for those who live joyfully, a supporter of those who seek change, and a fan of those who live each day with intent, thought, and heart. To be a person living meaningfully is what I try to do every day, even in the most mundane situations. The goal now is to lessen situations that are so mundane.

Throughout the year, I am joining forces with some blogging friends from around the country to motivate and encourage ourselves and others to be bold and to step out from behind the lens, projects, and in some cases, mama status, to show ourselves.  That’s right, this project is for us… it is for YOU.

Come and join us in the simplest way yet!  Join our blog hop below by copying the code to your bbby post for February and including it down here.  Make sure to include this link up on your post within your blog as well so everyone can easily follow and read from any one of the participants’ blogs! 


  1. You are amazing. I fall in love with the lady you are each time we interact – you are all these things and a million more (Hugs) to you my friend.

  2. What a wonderful post 🙂 I'm so glad I stopped by to read it. I struggle with the mundane too. I get bored or antsy – when I know deep down there is such amazing beauty in the every day moments.

  3. Hi Jessica! Thank you for stopping by! It really is hard when you know there is more to something than meets the eye… it's hard to sit back sometimes!

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