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Cookies Make Me Happy

From the time I started eating solids as a baby up until the summer of 2013, I am certain my body composition had been at least 50% baked goods, primarily cookies.   Weaning myself off of these indulgent, starchy, buttery and gluten dense treats was no easy task, I assure you.  It’s kind of like Picasso’s Blue Period…  a very melancholic time for this gal.  But no fear, as there are bakers in the Bay Area who make some amazing BP friendly goodies (hooray for Flour Chylde and Mariposa Baking!).   I do however, still need to have some recipes in the old brain that I can whip up myself or to cook with kids.   The quickest and easier foray I have had into the homemade gf & df cookie world is a recipe I found at The Voluptuous Vegetarian over two years ago and adapted with permission from the VV herself, Stacey,  for Classic Play readers.
To get the scoop on why they make me happy and how to make them yourself, please click here.
My Happy Cookies are not just delicious, but are so good for most anyone!  Check it out on Classic Play!

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