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What I’d Give …

I may not have pursued the Merchandise Marketing career I studied for in FIDM in 2004, but I do still know how to shop the market and put together things I think are cool… to me at least.  I still get a real high from going to stores, seeing what’s out there, how things are laid out, what moves, what doesn’t, what people are buying, and what motivates the makers behind their brands at the craft fairs I frequent here in San Francisco.   I take pictures, write notes, and ask questions.  I’ve been mistaken for a secret shopper/ evaluator, shop owner or editor more than once.  Hmmm… could be fun to look into that one of these days.  I just like it so much.  
When I was invited to contribute to the Classic Play holiday gift series, I jumped at the chance.   Visit the little Holiday Gift Guide 2013 that I compiled for kids, for her, for him, and for couples right here.    Mine is the sixth contribution in a series of picks from different bloggers from Classic Play family!  Hop on over!  I hope you like what you see as well as get a little glimpse into the kinds of things that make me go ooooohhhh.  What are some things that made your list this year?  I would love to hear about them/ see links! 
Would Santa approve of my suggestions

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