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(Design) Feast Day!

A feature – A Real One!  

I always enjoy reading features and interviews on interesting creatives.  I like to hear about their motivation, their processes, and generally to get a better idea about their personalities and the lives they lead.  How flattered I was to hear from the wonderful Nate Burgos earlier in the fall when he invited me to take part in his Design Feaster Blogger’s Quest(ionnaire) series.  His mission is clear, to explore the world of designers and bloggers in his long term project dedicated to creative culture.    Please support his purpose by visiting his site,, and find out about other creative minds, and spread the word!
In classic fashion, I was at once excited and intimidated, thinking, as always, who will care about anything I have to do or say, but I decided to take my own advice and cut myself some slack.  I am starting to bridge my off line life with my on line one, but am doing so in the babiest of baby steps.  Having personal photos in the interview is a big deal to me, even if they aren’t of my face.  My home and my things are very personal, but if I already pour my heart out, I may as well show you how and where I do it.  May you enjoy reading this little piece and learn something new …  so many great people to read about!!!!!
Thanks again to Nate Burgos, of Design Feast!  Am so encouraged to keep on blogging!


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