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If I Dressed the Way I Pinned…

If I 100% dressed the way I pinned, my life would be so different.

For the most part, wearing the clothes I pin would not work on the bus, and since I don’t drive I would then be forced to walk much more, but the heels I’d be teetering on, wedges or not, wouldn’t get me too far.

If I dressed the way I pinned, that would likely mean I would need to start getting ready 60 minutes earlier than I already do, or planning my outfits the night before while my hair is set in a mask and my pores are shrinking back to recover from just being stripped.

Dressing the same way I pin would mean not only that I would actually be rotating all of the shoulder bags, totes, and clutches in my closet regularly, but that I would actually be able to find them exactly when I need them.

Dressing the same way I pin might even mean that some days, the pockets to my jeans would be enough to carry me through the day (really, where do those chicks carry all of their ‘stuff’?)

If I looked the way I pinned, I would never have a bad angle and wouldn’t have second thoughts when friends post pictures of us together that go far beyond waist down, or closer than shoulders up.

If I dressed the way I pinned, I would be invited to sit in the front row at Fashion Week.

If I looked the way I pinned, I would think that the staff at JCrew was copying ME.

If I dressed the way I pinned I would have the kind of legs worthy of being shown off.

If I looked the way I pinned, all of the jewelry I just ‘had to have’ would see the light of day.


If I looked the way I pinned, all of my bracelets would fit my wrists just so, piling on top of each other in perfect arrangement and my supple fingers would never have any visible cuticles.

If I dressed the way I pinned, I would be gutsy enough to wear cream, white, and blush.

If I looked the way I pinned, I’d have her hair.

If I really were the kind of girl who dressed the way I pinned… I probably wouldn’t have to pin.


  1. Hi Karen! I am so glad you read it! Thanks for the comment and let's keep dreaming and pinning!

  2. You're one of my fave writers! Girlie, Pinterest is a fantasy. It's one-dimensional and unrealistic. (Note: I am talking to myself too!). We are not perfect. I sometimes am shocked when I wake up and see I drooled on my pillow! Not sexy. Still, it's nice to dream, but I have a feeling when it comes to you, the real thing is so much better and vibrant =)

  3. This posts rings so true for me (gosh, so do some of your previous posts haha). In my Pinterest life, my house is spotless and perfect!!!

  4. That was great, BP! I've never been one of those women who changed her bag with every outfit. How do they do that? I think your follow up post should be about if you pinned the way you dress! In my case, those pins would be pretty boring 😉

  5. Girl, in my reality, the real thing, drool and all, is always better and vibrant coz we've GOT to make it that way! Life often becomes too serious.. why not to inject fun and fantasy LOL! Thanks for writing!!

  6. in my Pinterest life, not only is my house perfect with lush and lovely plant life, but so is my VACATION house 😉 Happy you are reading and thanks for the relatable comment, Dai!

  7. hahaha! Thanks, Amy! I am not one for selfies and certainly not a fashion blogger. Now that's an interesting suggestion! Will keep it to pinning OTHER people for now 😉 Take care!

  8. This made me laugh! If I dressed the way I pinned, I would be flat broke. Very glamorous, but flat broke. 😉 (And today I'm wearing a t-shirt and jeans, so my Pinterest account is very disappointed in me.)

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