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Random Acts of Awesomeness

“Mercury’s retrograde periods can cause our plans to go awry.  However, this is an excellent time to reflect on the past.  Intuition is high during these periods, and coincidences can be extraordinary.”  (source)
Something has been in the air.   According to my friend, Oddsauce, last week Mercury was wrapping up a month long period of being in retrograde, causing communication between devices and between people to be interrupted, and for one’s mind and efforts to be in a state of disarray.  As mentioned in my past two posts, I was very disappointed about something I missed and I was feeling more than a tad itchy on the home front.  Having made the decision only this month to focus on growing as a writer, I was under the impression that it would be cake!  I just have to keep writing, just flowing and developing myself with no second guessing, but  I have been drafting bits and pieces of nothing,  coming up dry because I cannot seem to get my thoughts straight.  What on earth is going on?
But with the bad comes the good.  In spite of things not working out as planned during retrograde, the unexpected also has had its way of surprising us, in what Oddsauce and I like to refer to as Random Acts Of Awesomeness.  First random act:  Not being part of the ALT SF Summit (which I swear I am no longer sore about… yes, I did get over it- more on that later) I found myself free on a Thursday night for an iPhoneography 101 workshop at Makeshift Society.  Yes, I paid someone to teach me how to use my iPhone camera apps, and it was worth it!   For now,  I can post pictures simply on Instagram, using the little tricks I learned from Sarah Deragon without redesigning my blog or purchasing photoshop.  Not so random, but awesome because it has been maddening for me to bridge that gap between finding a platform for my narrative and one for hobbies and interests. Significant random act:  During our roundtable introductions at this class,  I recognized the gal sitting next to me as someone I went to high school with.  High school.  In Asia.  Random.   We found each other at the exact right time in our lives to form a connection as writers.  Over lunch the next day we powwowed about writing and the role of social media today.  Given her extensive marketing background, she stressed the awesomeness of twitter and that I should try it, if only as a reader and follower, not a tweeter.  As a newly active blogger, I urged her to start hitting Publish on the posts she has lined up for the blog residing in her head.  I now have a twitter account and Oddsauce now has a blog.  Awesome.
On Saturday I browsed through Twitter and came upon #blogbrunchsf,  a small monthly meet up in the city organized by Vanilla Extract.  On the tails of ALT SF, the next brunch was  happening the very next morning at 11 am!  Random.  I was able to RSVP via my first tweet.  Awesome.  Not having business cards (bloggers still need a calling card!) I just whipped up my own using my new iPhoneography skills, good old fashioned Word, and Kinko’s at 9am on Sunday.  Awesome.  I needed a case, so I used an old gift card pouch from Anthropologie.  Random.
No time to over think it- lighting quick cards Sunday morning.  Thanks Kinkos
There were thirty women at the brunch, and I basically met as many people  as I could.   I don’t think the random assortment of interactions could have been planned any better.  I am sorry to have not met everyone, but I sincerely think that of the people I could have connected with that morning, all of them were who I needed to meet right then and there.  A more seasoned blogger made me realize attending ALT SF may have overwhelmed me at this early stage and that I am no worse off for missing it right now.  Random and AWESOME.  I felt encouraged and relieved at the same time.  I so look forward to attending when I am more prepared, and I am slowly learning how to do that.
Because I am writing even if nobody reads this, I am going to push PUBLISH on this baby already because my brain is still somewhat in knots and if I don’t end this, I will continue sitting here at home, dehydrated at three hours and counting, not knowing where the heck this post is going if only to say:
I believe that random things happen ALL THE TIME but they are not always awesome.  For some reason, because the universe might be on my side at a time when I am needing to be pointed in the right direction, God, fate, heavenly angels & earthly fairies are absolutely PUSHING me in the right direction as of late.
I have more I want to write on this, but I will leave it for another post that I will start writing after lunch, because I am in the ‘zone’ but may need to end this to start a bit clearer in a few minutes.
So in a way, this wrap up to my post is super random too, but it feels pretty awesome.  Stay tuned…


  1. Thank you, Rebecca! The randomness of not having the time to try too hard made them just right! Awesome 😉 Glad you stopped by!

  2. I've been going through some “where is this blog thing going and what do I really want it to be” moments lately, so it was encouraging to read that motivation and insight can come in ways we least expect it. Thanks for the encouragement, via your random acts of awesomeness experiences!

  3. Awww… Amy! You're welcome! Thank YOU for the comment! YOU just encouraged me!

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