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The Sleepover Tradition

This weekend is going to be fun.  I am packing an overnight bag and heading to Ciao Bella’s home at dusk for a sleepover.  Her adorable husband and toddler daughter will be exiled to one part of the house for 18 hours while Ciao Bella, the ever energetic Catalina, and I sip pink champagne,  chow down on her amazing homemade macaroons (really, CB needs to start a business, they’re that good) and catch up the way we typically try to on the phone while their respective two year olds are napping or out playing.  There are dinners, there are shopping dates, and of course brunches and lunches, but the ‘thing’ that is really our “thing” is our super girly, funny to the bones sleepover.  Since the three of us became friends a decade ago, we love to have slumber parties now and then.   It’s become part of our friendship culture

We’ll be sharing our latest skin care discoveries, squeezing in a trip to Michael’s, and discussing our percolating creative endeavors.  Pulling an all-nighter sans husbands and kids unearths a whole world of “How did I not know that about you?” discussions, and that is what I am most looking forward to.  The dress code is ultra casual.  You know,  the way you normally dress hanging out at home (except with pants on).  Oh, I still plan to slightly gussy it up for them though:  mani pedi in the morning, curling iron to the ends of my hair, and wear my new summer scent … I mean, it still is a special night and we ARE ladies, after all!   I imagine we’ll also be enjoying a dvd or two, accompanied by the four bottles of bubbly that Ciao Bella has chilling, my favorite giant donut cake they’re sure to flip over, and maybe, just maybe a magical treat —  it’s our tradition after all.

What simple traditions speak uniquely to you and your friends?   Do you share different traditions for different sets of friends?


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